Arma III Alpha Update

Arma III's alpha has been updated.

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kyon1471892d ago

I still do not understand why they would create a Alpha Lite and take out the one bit most people will want to try out before they put money down for the game.

theEx1Le1891d ago

Because then it wouldn't be lite?

ATi_Elite1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Arma 3 full Alpha cost money and pays for the complete version.

Arma 3 Alpha Lite is free with an invite from a paying customer.

So of course the FREE version is not gonna have all the features of the PAID version.

You play Alpha Lite to see if you can run Arma 3, and if you wanna buy it and of course your gonna wanna buy it!

Oh and please STOP with the PS4 version Crap. Bohemia already said HELL NO!!!

they are not gonna water down their Glorious Game for the console. Go play Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising and see why Arma 3 would not work on console.

Operation Flashpoint was an AWESOME Game until it hit console and got turned into CRAP!

Dazel1891d ago

PS4 version, as if lol.

sovietsoldier1891d ago

game of the year, yeah yeah!