Simon Says: Next-gen X-Box Shouldn't Be Written Off Based on Rumors

In the latest Simon Says, Simon looks at the rumours which have been circulating regarding the next-gen Xbox and why the console shouldn't be written off.

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1949d ago
Urusernamesucks1949d ago

"Always asume rumors to be false"

-Minecraft loading screens

trenso11949d ago

when they show their console and games ill choose to write it off or not, they better have some interesting things to show

CandyCaptain1949d ago

I am at the stage of: "I'll wait and see."

I'd like to think most people are with anything they haven't seen, or got confirmation of anything yet. lol n__n'

Jek_Porkins1949d ago

I think now that more positive rumors are taking the stage, the uglier ones are getting pushed to the back, since we've had directly contradictory rumors, people aren't really sure what to believe. We've heard a bit of everything, and I think people in general are just super hyped to get the official word from Microsoft about their new console.

Anyone who says they aren't getting a new Xbox based on rumors, probably wasn't going to go with the next Xbox to begin with, where as a lot of current 360 owners I know are taking a wait and see attitude, just like me.

I'm digging the latest rumors though, I cant deny, a $300 price point for something that is rumored to be pretty powerful sounds pretty sweet, but even a $400 price wont put me off of it.

ziggurcat1949d ago

i've always said *if* the rumours turn out to be true then i'm probably going to pass.

and $300 is a good price point, but if you want BC, then you have to shell out an alleged $130 for an xbox mini even though they could have integrated BC into the actual unit instead of selling it to you as a separate peripheral...

Jek_Porkins1949d ago

Well that is rumor, I mean they could probably sell a 4 gig Xbox 360 for under $150 now and make profit, there was also rumors of a $99 Xbox Mini, I would think if they want to compete with Apple TV and the like, a $99 set top box is a smart price.

As for the price, at least they are offerings backwards compatibility, even if at a one time price, Nintendo offers it completely free, we don't even know about Sony, they might want to charge people for games they already bought, just for the right to stream them online.

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The story is too old to be commented.