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Submitted by peterthomas6 1033d ago | opinion piece

Simon Says: Next-gen X-Box Shouldn't Be Written Off Based on Rumors

In the latest Simon Says, Simon looks at the rumours which have been circulating regarding the next-gen Xbox and why the console shouldn't be written off. (Culture, Xbox One)

The_Infected  +   1033d ago
Simon Says: Duh!

When Microsoft show their console off then we choose to write it off or not.
Urusernamesucks  +   1033d ago
"Always asume rumors to be false"

-Minecraft loading screens
trenso1  +   1033d ago
when they show their console and games ill choose to write it off or not, they better have some interesting things to show
CandyCaptain  +   1033d ago
I am at the stage of: "I'll wait and see."

I'd like to think most people are with anything they haven't seen, or got confirmation of anything yet. lol n__n'
Jek_Porkins  +   1033d ago
I think now that more positive rumors are taking the stage, the uglier ones are getting pushed to the back, since we've had directly contradictory rumors, people aren't really sure what to believe. We've heard a bit of everything, and I think people in general are just super hyped to get the official word from Microsoft about their new console.

Anyone who says they aren't getting a new Xbox based on rumors, probably wasn't going to go with the next Xbox to begin with, where as a lot of current 360 owners I know are taking a wait and see attitude, just like me.

I'm digging the latest rumors though, I cant deny, a $300 price point for something that is rumored to be pretty powerful sounds pretty sweet, but even a $400 price wont put me off of it.
ziggurcat  +   1033d ago
i've always said *if* the rumours turn out to be true then i'm probably going to pass.

and $300 is a good price point, but if you want BC, then you have to shell out an alleged $130 for an xbox mini even though they could have integrated BC into the actual unit instead of selling it to you as a separate peripheral...
Jek_Porkins  +   1033d ago
Well that is rumor, I mean they could probably sell a 4 gig Xbox 360 for under $150 now and make profit, there was also rumors of a $99 Xbox Mini, I would think if they want to compete with Apple TV and the like, a $99 set top box is a smart price.

As for the price, at least they are offerings backwards compatibility, even if at a one time price, Nintendo offers it completely free, we don't even know about Sony, they might want to charge people for games they already bought, just for the right to stream them online.
Rageanitus  +   1033d ago
Im not counting it until It comes out..... but if it just shows games like Gears and Halo.... then I will not buy it.

If the same type level of entertainment is showcased this generation... the best combo will be PC and Ps4.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   1033d ago
you shouldn't write off the console based on rumors and speculation. But you can write off the next system based on Microsoft's past history.

the system may turn out to be great, have awesome features and great motion control.still doesn't change the fact that Microsoft is still Microsoft.

even though there are good games on 360, I wrote off purchasing it because Microsoft dropped the first Xbox.abandon me and I will abandon you.

second reason that I didn't buy Xbox 360 was because Microsoft decided to price gouge gamers over everything.charging high prices for accessories, charging just to play online(something you already paid for from an internet provider),and maybe it's just me, but they charge you for online gaming but still have you look at ads.that's ridiculous.also, not being able to access services like netflix because of a paywall.

or how about this...the company has more money than nintendo and Sony combined, yet they decided to stop producing exclusive content for gamers....excuse me...core gamers.

supporters can claim all day that Microsoft is somehow doing good things for gamers, but I just don't see it.sure, they are in it to win it and make a whole lot of money at it.but it sure doesn't benefit gamers because you might barely get a game out of it.

what's more important? them making billions or you getting good games? because as a gamer,it should be expected that a game console maker should support the product they make with games.I don't mind them making money, but some of that should be coming back to the is it that Nintendo and Sony can do it with less money?
Bigpappy  +   1033d ago
Preach on brother. We must defeat evil where ever it shows its dirty head. That's why we all should just get ourselves a PS4. Xbox is ran by the evil doers. PS4 is ran by ethical and moral men who care about us and love US. Evil Microsoft only wants our money, but Sony doesn't want our money, they will purposely loose money to make sure their fans are happy. They LOOOVE us and we LOOOOOOVE them.

Nice post bro. No need to see anything else. Sony has spoken.
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maniacmayhem  +   1033d ago
"Microsoft decided to price gouge gamers over everything.charging high prices for accessories, charging just to play online"

I agree that the pricing MS put out there for their proprietary accessories was insane and the whole paying for online content is something that should go away but in all honesty I have only paid full price for Live when I first got for 50 bux some 7 years ago. I have not paid full price since. This year i dropped 40 dollars plus an extra free month.

It really is a drop in the bucket. As for the ads...I hear only the non 360 owners or Sony fanboys complain about this and I can tell that the 98% of those ads are actually content that you can purchase on Live. I wouldn't call those ads bad. A lot of times the advertise games or add-ons I had no idea were out yet.

Sure there's a little window in the right corner of the screen that sometimes as an ad that is not related to gaming. Guess what...I pay it no mind.

Also MS has provided a sequel to almost every one of their core games and they still provided content for their other core games so how can you say they stopped producing content for their gamers? Something tells me you just read what others post and take it as your own opinion.

I read your opinions and I agree with some. I feel MS is still new to the console business and still have some learning to do while Sony and especially Nintendo are vets. Let's hope that third time is a charm for MS (not a curse) and they take lessons and criticisms to heart.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1033d ago
@ Apocalypse Shadow

This must be your first generation of gaming. You seem pretty oblivious with Sony's PS1 and PS2 issues with their hardware forcing you to repurchase the console if it broke after 3 months.

I guess we are just going to ignore Sony's arrogant ways and comments made indicating that their customers are nothing but mindless sheep and will get a 2nd job to afford their console where they phased out so many of the features that the only sku being manufactured is an empty shell of it's once fat self.

I guess you are also choosing to ignore that the PS4 will require you to have an always online connection if you want to play any of the PS3 games since Gaikai will be the only way to play any means of the PS3 library since Sony has ditched the all mighty cell.

Funny how the sony fanboys are all against MS for reasons stated above yet completely ignore that Sony has done them all 10 fold.
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panbit86  +   1033d ago
@ Apocalypse Shadow , PREACH!!!

@ Lvl_up_gamer,
Every new console has hardware issues but nobody like the RROD massacre! Come on you know it was a disgrace!

Also you say that we should blame Sony for a statement and not MS for their ACTIONS?! Arrogance is just empty words which at the end of the day with all the amazing exclusive games and great FREE stuff/services can be ignored BUT MS's lack of support to their fans/developers/ips/consoles should be supported because they didn't make an arrogant statement??!! Please think before you write!

Yeah the fact that i can access the whole Playstation Brand Catalogue from anywhere through internet sounds awful but being ALWAYS online to play my current console's games or being forced to buy an external device to play old games (according to rumors) sounds so much FUN!!! . . . seriously get a grip.

Apocalypse Shadow  +   1033d ago
Difference between Sony and Microsoft is even when Sony was arrogant, they still provided Games. Still provided support for the previous console for years. But even then, the only real arrogant person was Ken Kutaragi.what's Microsoft's excuse for still being arrogant?it's not like they're in first place or ever been in first.

Maniacmayhem, saving money on a pay wall is like saying a person only gets "a little raped." when everyone else provides it for Free,there's no excuse when they have the most money.and no excuse for raising the price of online for app features others still get for Free.let's say they raise live to $80 next gen,or $100.still plan on buying into it when it will still be free everywhere else?

As for you little pappy,you've been a soldier for Microsoft since I arrived on this site.and I watched you and others back peddle on things all the way to exclusives don't matter anymore after Sony shut your mouths again and again.its why sales is the only thing you fall back on. what gamer falls back on sales?people like you...

Rumors won't sway my decision to buy their next system.their monopolistic nature and the way they treat gamers will.
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panbit86  +   1033d ago
Seriously it's like you are in my head! WELL SAID!
jetlian  +   1033d ago
sony was never the driving force of PS it was always 3rd party. This was the first gen where sony was forced to make ips!

thats why when dmc,tekken , RR, MGS and all the other great ps1/2 ips went MP sony fans were in raged.

Why because sony lost its power in their eyes.
josephayal  +   1033d ago
we still await for the official news from Microsoft itself

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benjasper374   1033d ago | Spam
gigoran  +   1033d ago
When it's a positive thing it's proof the system will be great, but when it's a negative thing it's a rumor? Wow... Your logic is memorizing.

And the always online is more than a rumor. With the words spilled by the all too famous "#deal with it", it's more along the lines of "so we are going to do this. Don't get upset. Buy our console, and in the future when the games no longer work, #deal with it.

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