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How Xbox 720 can change and win the next gen console wars

The reveal for the next Xbox is vastly approaching and with that comes much uncertainty. The hardware will no doubt be very similar to PS4's offering, so what can the next Xbox bring to the table? While one answer is very simple, the solution to it would be the most complex yet and can possibly change console gaming as we know it today. (Microsoft, PC, PS3, PS4, Sony, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

AngelicIceDiamond  +   955d ago | Well said
Another how a >>>>>>(inser t console here)<<<<<< can win next gen. Do we really need winners? How bout we enjoy the other consoles company Instead of demolishing or destroying a fans said console.
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xxLuckyStrike  +   955d ago
It's MS's gen to lose. If they get too greedy they'll pay for it, if the build on what they currently have they'll win in a landslide.
dedicatedtogamers  +   955d ago
How can they build on what they have when "what they have" is half of what they had four years ago? Fewer exclusives, fewer new IPs, fewer games overall, unless you're into Kinect...

If anything, Microsoft needs to return to what they had in 2008-2009. You can't build upward if the foundation has lost half its support beams.
Kevin ButIer  +   955d ago
Make it simple... this is not just for MS. We are moving so fast in terms of capabilities and "multi functionality" that companies are loosing focus on what really matters. GAMING...
stuna1  +   955d ago
I take it you meant to say they need to rebuild on what made them a competitor in the first place! And that is for starter games for their fanbase, which without them they would be nowhere near as successful as they are now! With the start of the next generation they owe it to their supporters to start this generation off better than the last generation.
minimur12  +   955d ago
How Xbox 720 can change and win the next gen console wars....... with an FPS or a kinect game
just like microsoft do
kinect and FPS.
jimbobwahey  +   955d ago

You talk about how Microsoft have fewer exclusives and new IPS, but in the past six months or so Xbox 360 owners have had big AAA exclusives such as Halo 4, Forza Horizon and Gears of War Judgement, along with great new exclusive IPs such as Battleblock Theater.

The exclusive offerings from Nintendo and Sony in the same timeframe haven't really competed at all in my opinion. Of course, it's just personal preferences at the end of the day, but I certainly wouldn't say that Microsoft have been lacking in the exclusive games department lately.
MysticStrummer  +   955d ago
"It's MS's gen to lose."

Shouldn't they have to win a generation before another one is theirs to lose?
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dcbronco  +   955d ago
@Kevin ButIer

Actually it's gamers that have lost focus. Many no longer live in a real world where support matters. Even as developer after developer goes out of business or switches to easier markets they make demands that, if not supported with by more than words, will lead to another developer going out of business. Getting good games is nice, but having a continuous revenue stream is a must. If movies, music, casual, original programming and streaming add to a companies bottom line and makes the business worth remaining in then appreciate and accept it. Gamers need to understand that as cost go up the only sustainable business model is expansion.

After all, wasn't it you that once said "It only does everything". That wasn't a bad idea. All evidence shows that most want that.
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Kevin ButIer  +   954d ago
agree @dcbronco, good point
IIJOSEPHXII  +   955d ago
Didn't click when I read "vastly appraoching" in the news feed!
first1NFANTRY  +   955d ago
First of all M$ can start by debunking all the bad rumors surrounding the 720. After that comes games and more games. I'm not buying next gen consoles so watch tv shows. i have cable for that already.
FATALVISI0N  +   955d ago
I think it's to late for debunking rumors. At first I didnt believe any of it and the whole always online thing began to bother me, and I thought it was just rumor, but after finding what I found by microsoft in their very own blog, sealed the deal for my switching to Sony. "Microsoft to commit 100 percent of its focus on consumer TV strategy with Xbox." I want a gaming console, not a dvr that plays games. Google Tv and Apple Tv shouldnt be your damn competition, they are not gaming consoles.
hellvaguy  +   954d ago

MS shouldn't have to debunk anything, especially if several or more ideas and concepts aren't finalized yet. So how can they debunk things that they themselves have not made a final decision on?

Too obvious of a stealth troll. I mean you started off with M$, then went on with the tv show angle. Run along, you been exposed.
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forum67  +   955d ago
Most gaming sites needs user's visit...nothing more.
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   955d ago
For the love of God, MS, please reveal and save us from article after article after bloody article of pointless guesswork, wishful thinking and.....and......all the other things that I can't think of.
Oh_Yeah  +   955d ago
Mmmmm...10 or so new AAA exclusives /franchises..A MIX not just 2 genres, free multiplayer and they'll pretty much be set to compete.
grimmweisse  +   955d ago
Good luck with that!
Oh_Yeah  +   955d ago
Exactly...I don't know how they got away with it. They didn't even try to compete with Sony in those two areas which I think would be major to gamers but still raked in around the same numbers. Not saying 360 is bad, it was the better multiplat machine and had a more modern ui but Idk if that's going to fly next gen with the way PS4 is coming along.
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andibandit  +   955d ago

I think MS scored big in the COOP department with both Gears and Halo supporting full campaign coop. I bought the box to play WITH(not against) my friends, and im not certain that we would've bought xboxes if those 2 games hadn't had COOP.
BrianC6234  +   955d ago
Is Microsoft going to buy up a bunch of developers? Their cupboard is almost empty in that department now. Not much reason to buy the next Xbox unless you have to play Halo.
Oh_Yeah  +   955d ago
If multiplats run and look better on the 720 that'd probably be the only thing that'd get the core to buy it...Let's see them specs though.
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Kurt Russell  +   955d ago
They have opned loads of studios recently Brian... I thought everyone and their mums knew this by now?
_-EDMIX-_  +   955d ago
720 at this point won't win next gen. For many reasons.

1. Not enough teams. Not sure if anyone has noticed or not but MS closed and lost a bunch of core teams and then opened up MORE Kinect teams in there place...

2.MS has shown this gen that they don't care to cater to the "core" and believe the new "core" is with the casual as expressed through a lot of there sales and buyouts and even the comments made by them. Out of Sony and Nintendo, MS has more teams devoted to making "casual" games then almost any publisher right now. Kinect 2.0 is pretty much here to stay and none of MS latest purchases seem to state otherwise.

3. MS hasn't opened up jack in Japan and the east are becoming more and more like the west in terms of how they handle multiplatform games, who wants to risk making a 720 exclusive knowing the 360 in Japan JUST sold 1 million over the course of about 7 to 8 years?

4......they didn't even win this gen, with a head start, cheaper system and nabbing a bunch of timed exclusives and even with a Final Fantasy and GTA for the first time on two systems at once wasn't enough for MS's 360 to win.

MS pretty much pulled all the stops, punches etc to gut it out this gen and did pretty damn good......and still sold the least (not that MS even cares to be honest) it just shows JUST how hard it is to actually beat a Playstation system. They can let you go first and share some huge exclusives and you'll still end up losing. But MS isn't concerned about a number in terms of placement, they are concerned about sales.

They sold teams for Kinect, Kinect did 25 million. Thus they bought teams to keep on making Kinect games and other Kinect related things. This is why 720 will lose next gen, MS's bread and butter is not the "hardcore" its the "casual core" they even stated themselves that the casual are the new "core". Put it this way, I don't see MS opening up 10 teams for Halo's, Fable's and Forza's. MS has no interest to take on Sony head to head in terms of teams or exclusives games, if they did you would had seen them buying teams YEARS ago for such a thing to happen next gen. They didn't because they don't care to, Kinect is there future thus Kinect teams will be bought. MS pretty much is showing there hand, its no mystery on either side who is gearing up to do what.

All signs point to MS losing next gen. Put it this way, they couldn't even with a year head start and the cheapest system on the market.
Septic  +   955d ago
"All signs point to MS losing next gen. Put it this way, they couldn't even with a year head start and the cheapest system on the market. "

This comment right here sums up why you simply don't get it.

They didn't win? Do you even know how strong Sony's stranglehold was on the gaming market in the generation prior? It simply had a monopoly on the industry. And guess who derailed that? It was MS.

Cast your mind back to the start of this gen. Sony was supposed to be this behemoth that, once it released its console, the other machines were supposed to be relegated to the sidelines. Instead, the 360 (and the Wii albeit in a completely different manner) gave the PS3 such a stiff competition right until the present day.

Stop looking at things in black and white and don't jump the gun and make sweeping assumptions about a system that you haven't even seen let alone played.
MysticStrummer  +   955d ago
"Stop looking at things in black and white and don't jump the gun and make sweeping assumptions about a system that you haven't even seen let alone played."

That goes for PS4 and 720 both, and no, MS didn't win this gen. They improved their market share over last gen, which has no bearing on next gen's market share. Sony is the proof of that, and so is Nintendo if you go further back. MS could finally win next gen, or they might be right back into last place.
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robleroy  +   955d ago
Ms will win.
But because kinect 2.0 will succeed.

MS will apply the Nintendo WII strategy (sell games with big names (Mario)instead of games with BIG quality and innovation ) . Advertise the hell out of gimmicks connected to games or consoles.
And this all targeted for the casual market.


Mobile game market is growing very rapidly http://www.pocketgamer.biz/...

This leaves less or little space for the market for coregaming (quality gaming) to grow with the same numbers. (people will spent more time gaming with their mobile devices instead of gaming with their console)
Social media solutions are also growing with fast numbers. This plays in hand that the first company to embrace social media features into gimmicks and casual gaming services or games ,will win the next gen war.

The first kinect enabled mario game with services and options enabled through social media apps or portals will blast games like destiny (future Call of duty succes) out of the water concerning sale numbers.
Just think of how an interactive AI enabled Mario who you could talk to through kinect 2.0 about a level difficulty or problem ,before Mario would discus the same subject with 100.000 other players in the background and return afterwards to you with a summary of how other players dealt or thought of the subject.

And this would pop up for time to time during gameplay (ofcourse you could disable that option)

Casual gamers seem to fall in love with these sort of solutions or gimmicks.

Casual gamers do not care about FPS or screen resolution or textures.

It is also easier to sell games or gimmicks to casual gamers (family,children,women)

And a less percentage of the not coregamers do not resell their games or gimmicks. (Microsoft will not have to worry about missing out on that market)

All in all will this strategy generate more income.

Coregamers will lose... and will have to apply for ps4 or pc...

No wonder MS has the "deal with it " attitude.
They do not consider the coregamer market to be the biggest. And unfortunately I also think they are right.

Them opening a lot of resources for kinect states my worst fears.

No wonder Sony does not care coming out with their ps4 in early stage.

MS only cares about not losing to much coregamers in a relative small time period. Hence the choice to let their console and launch games be known just before the launch.
I reckon that MS will not even let the console launch games be largely know at the E3 event.
They will only let the console be displayed and a lot of kinect news will be blown through the e3 event for commercial reasons.
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   955d ago
This has nothing to do with PC yet it's on the feed.
Typical-Guy  +   955d ago
No offense, but how would you know that Xbox is gonna lose?! They haven't said anything, yes PS4 is a beast but wait till MS announce the specs and then both release 'Em.
Urusernamesucks  +   954d ago
50% of us teenagers feel like getting a ps4, but that's only thanks to Sony revealing. It hardly did anything though. Imagine if ms were to reveal their console, things would change dramatically.
boing1  +   955d ago
Won't happen.
BrianC6234  +   955d ago
That site must be crappy. It won't even load. Is the server an old 386 PC? What a joke. Why don't you wait until Microsoft says something about their new console before saying this nonsense?
Pizza  +   955d ago
This post is really stupid. Did anyone see x720 yet?
DiRtY  +   955d ago
On N4G MS can't win. If they cure cancer, N4G will complain about all those doctors losing their job now.
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WitWolfy  +   955d ago
5 Reasons why NEXT gen will make you want to own both AS SOON AS THEY LAUNCH!!!

See I can do it too!
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sway_z  +   955d ago
Microsoft needs new IP's. If it's more of the same on Next Box then I'll stick with 360.

I'm indifferent regarding the media functions, which is cool, but the games are the confounding factors with any console.

Bring back Crackdown, Crackdown 3 please (lose the Cel-Shading, find more realism).

Alan Wake could be awesome on Next Box, as could Fable if they go back to the game design of Fable 1 or 2, as 3 was pooh!

...and I remember a cancelled Xbox 1 project called B.C. (Prehistoric open world RPG lite) by Lionhead. Please bring this back.

Microsoft have an opportunity to re-visit or resurrect IP's next gen.....but will they?
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robleroy  +   955d ago
My worries are that Microsoft will win the next-gen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But not because of what you or I would like to think.
Remember : What is MS good at??????

Marketing and making money....and HALO was pure luck for MS to bump into BUNGIE when they first launched the XBOX!!!
But Also give them credit to XBOX-live (although its not a free service.. it should generate 100 millions of $ ).
I reckon that Kinect would easily generate a lot more money compared to hardcore games .

*) Kinect games are resold a lot less by families!! (think micro transactions)
*) There are now more game families compared to hardcore gamers!!
*) Families are not that critical of graphical or technical values (see Nintendo) They are less triggered by ROI (return on investment) and more triggered by emotions (marketing, birthday presents, kids parties/events etc etc) (whithin 5 years every 5 year old kid in the first world countries will probably receive every kinect game from family members whether the game would be good or not.)

Its the sad truth for us gamers, but that is what you get for letting Nintendo score 1st place. Microsoft is now aiming for that market.

From what i'm reading about MS till now, I'm getting a PS4 no mater what that price might be. (I'm going to mis HALO.. sniff sniff)

WHY microsoft???!!!!!...WHY!!!!!!

no wonder Microsoft members have the "deal with it" attitude. They know we are not that important for MS anymore.
gigoran  +   955d ago
So in 6-10 years time when the online service for the 720 is turned off forever and all the games you purchased don't function, you will still be so happy about your purchase? Wow... You really are a true fan to be throwing that much money away. So while you have your closet of games you can't play anymore I'll still be enjoying my ps4 titles.
Urusernamesucks  +   954d ago
"So in 6-10 years time when the online service for the 720 is turned off forever and all the games you purchased don't function"

you really are brained washed aren't you. Wait until E3 and stop assuming that always online bs is true.
gigoran  +   954d ago
Where is the proof that makes you strongly believe it isn't? If you opened your eyes you would see the most of the news out there is pointing towards this being a fact. brainwashed? you think I'm the one that is brainwashed? hahahahaha
TheKayle1  +   955d ago
i hope ms dont win....(also if i think durango will be more powerfull than ps4...but at the end sony give to psfans what they want so they will not change console)

coz IF they would they could go ahead also ending in third place...seen their moneys (close to 250 billions jsut the market cap)...

but if sony go for many years in loss again ..put out things that end to fail..like vita or psmove..or just dont make good money like this ps3 gen...

we can say bye bye to sony this time coz there will not be another console from sony for SURE ...(16 billions market cap)

and for how much i could like ms....well i dont hope sony fail...coz im a gamer at the end
#18 (Edited 955d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
MRMagoo123  +   955d ago
I have no idea what anything you just said means , even if english isnt your first language at least read what you typed and see if it makes sense at all to you.
thinkableintros   955d ago | Spam
josephayal  +   955d ago
Microsoft Still Very Innovative Company
RansomXF  +   955d ago
I honestly hadn't considered game mods on a console since the Unreal Tournament 3 debacle which failed on both sides. I don't think this will happen at lease not anytime but it would be good for Microsoft or Sony to explore
Belking  +   955d ago
Another classy N4G article...lol
Saryk  +   955d ago
Contrary to popular belief you can have a more than one winner.

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