Bethesda: "Moving to our next adventure" - Skyrim Will Still Be Supported

Bethesda: "For the last year and a half we’ve been working on new content for Skyrim; from the game updates, Creation Kit, Steam Workshop, Kinect support, to DLCs. Parts of our team have also been in pre-production on our next major project, and that game is at the point where it requires the studio’s full attention to make it our biggest and best work yet."

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NYC_Gamer1831d ago

I hope its a new engine built from scratch

Donnieboi1831d ago

Yeah, but built by new programmers they should hire. Their programmers currently suck lol.

gameseveryday1831d ago

Looks like you never played Skyrim. They have pulled such a massive world with amazing artistic details on 8 year old consoles. Bugs will always be there.

Skyrim as an 'RPG' experience is second to none.

VsAssassin1831d ago

I just hope the next game would have strong narrative and story cohesiveness next time. I loved the gameplay, make no mistake. It was really a strong RPG for me; however, I felt like the story wasn't really there and the ending only added major insult to a grave injury.

aliengmr1831d ago

Skyrim isn't some "on-rails" shooter where the player is constantly corralled by invisible walls and led to specific areas to engage a specific number of enemies.

I'll make it easy for you. The next Elder Scrolls game WILL have bugs, new engine or not. Don't like it, by all means, don't buy it.

The bugs are more than worth the level of freedom ES games provide IMO.

Viper71831d ago

There where some memory and save data issues here and there. If they manage to fix those in their next game it'll be good.

MysticStrummer1831d ago

@Rashid - You're saying the PC version was bug free? No. Bethesda is infamous for bad code, and has been for a long long time. There are some things about the Elder Scrolls games that are indeed second to none in the RPG genre. Other things about them are not very good at all. I've played them all and I love the series, but let's not go overboard with praise when there are plenty of problems as well.

MaxXAttaxX1831d ago

Creating a big world map with artistic detail is a different subject. That alone does not make it an amazing RPG.

There are other things that come in play, such as story, AI, gameplay mechanics, etc.

zeeshan1831d ago

Please let it be fallout!

TheSurg1830d ago

@ Rashid Sayed

You will have disagrees and will be eaten because 95% of people on this site are ps3 fans and you know how bad Skyrim was on ps3. It's not devs to blame but Sony for making it so hard. To remind you sony addmited their mistake and made ps4 as simple as xbox360.

MaxXAttaxX1829d ago

The only one acting like a fanboy here is you and your people.

Also, I mostly played it on PC.

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3-4-51831d ago

Just because the world is big and open doesn't mean it's interesting.

Skyrim is empty in terms of real substance.

It's a good game but it's not THAT GOOD.

Ragthorn1831d ago

"It's a good game but it's not THAT GOOD."
So is it decent? Your saying something is good, then you say its not THAT GOOD.

MrAnderson1831d ago

So no more Skyrim DLC? and I hope it's Fallout 4 they're working on

GrownUpGamer1831d ago

"So no more Skyrim DLC?" <--- the reason why i play my Elder Scrolls games (Oblivion-Skyrim) on my PC. ----> Mods :)

Snookies121831d ago

Definitely with you there man. I originally bought Skyrim for PS3.... What a mistake that was, couldn't even play at a certain point because it was so laggy. Traded that right in and bought a PC copy, never been happier lol.

violents1831d ago

Im a ps3 gamer and bethesda didnt give real great support to us in the first place so this news doesn't really mean anything to me, they just cant seem to get it right.

SolidStoner1831d ago

They should start again from Morrowind!!

Snookies121831d ago

Morrowind was definitely my favorite Elder Scrolls game... It was magical in so many ways...

kma2k1831d ago

War, war never changes...

coolmast3r1831d ago

Yeah...Fallout 4 would be a great and refreshing break from Skyrim. Fallout 4 + 8GB GDDR5 = Mind Blown.

sourav931831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

"War, war never changes..."

Someone disagrees...

kma2k1831d ago

dammit man im behind on my MGS im working on it only on MGS3 dont blow it for me with any spoilers lol

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