Wii U hardware sales expected to slump 17% in the US during March

Wii U hardware sales in the US for the month of March will slump to only 55,000 units, analyst Wedbush has forecast in its March 2013 NPD Preview.

55,000 units is a 17 per cent decline over the 66,000 units moved in February. The console sold 57,000 units in January, following the November/December 2012 tally of 463,000 units.

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bicfitness1921d ago

What happened with MHU and Lego Batman boosting HW sales? If you listened to the N4G Nintendo pundits, those titles moved boxes like gangbusters.

That's quite a dreadful number if its true too, as the March HW tracking is a 5 week period, I believe.

xXxSeTTriPxXx1921d ago

This is like the 3rd remake of MH3, dont see how they thought thst lol.

loulou1920d ago

i doubt that the success of the wii will be replicated. what is about lightning striking twice??

i have bad feeling that nintendo are going to get stomped this gen.

dedicatedtogamers1921d ago

The only game moving the WiiU in great numbers (and I called this one prior to the WiiU's launch) is sidescrolling Mario. But even that isn't as potent as Nintendo would like, now that the market is starting to get saturated with sidescrolling Mario games as well as other sidescrolling games.

Nintendo Land is not Wii Sports, not does it appeal to the Wii Sports crowd. Nintendo's efforts to court 3rd parties on the WiiU has fallen flat on its face, and I doubt that will change any time soon. So, Nintendo's current spearhead into the "expanded audience" is as sharp as a loaf of bread. Contrary to what WiiU defenders claim, games like Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, and Project X are not going to move the hardware in high or sustainable numbers. It will take a "new" Wii Sports title, more 2D Mario (this time a truly revolutionary sidescrolling Mario is needed), Mario Kart, and Smash Bros to get things moving. 3D Mario and 3D Zelda won't move the hardware in high or sustanable numbers, either, just like they didn't do so for the Wii or DS.

lilbroRx1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

I don't recall anyone saying Lego Batman would boost anything because its and old Wii game that most people already have. Also, it doesn't come out until next month I don't even see why that was released.

MHU did boost sales quite a bit so I don't know what you are getting at or this article.

The sales doubled in March. How did they come to the conclusion that they would slump?

Mr_Writer851921d ago

Maybe they doubled in Japan but this is on about the U.S.

And I think he meant Lego City. Which tbf a few deluded fanboys on here and other sites were claiming it was a system seller.

I think people need to stop thinking that everyone who bought a Wii is going to buy a WiiU. Once they accept that the WiiU won't be out selling the Nextbox and PS4 then things will calm down.

LOL_WUT1920d ago

Right about now would be a good time for Nintendo to drop the price. If not then I expect Wii U sales to plummet even more. ;)

Qrphe1920d ago

MHU was never going to boost sales significantly. It only sold 200,000 in Japan (the biggest market for such game). It sold 100,000 in NA and Europe combined.

Zhipp1920d ago

According to VGchartz, Wii U sales doubled(from 30k to around 64k WW) for a couple of weeks around the Lego city and MH3U launches, and the biggest sales increase was USA. I dunno how accurate they are, though...

Speaking of accuracy, the article says they got their estimates from Wedbush. Doesn't Pachter work for them? I hope they're more reliable than he is, heh.

TheDivine1920d ago

Moved about as many WiiU's as AC Liberation and COD moved Vita's.

Both systems need new games. Not ports, remasters, but new big games. WiiU has a killer lineup but most have no release dates. As soon as these games release the consoles will sell very well. Same thing happens with all consoles when there's few games early on. The 3ds started just as slow and now its on track to be the best selling handheld ever and it already has one of the best libraries ever. Hopefully Vita gets some big games announced at e3 also. Great system, no software.

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jcnba281921d ago

People seem to foret that most of the world is in the middle of a recession, jobs are being lost everyday. Of course this is going to have an effect on sales.

Donnieboi1921d ago

Wow that's a NEW excuse.

jcnba281921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

Excuse? Wow there really are a lot of pathetic people on this site.

pikey1921d ago Show
superterabyte1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

@jcnba28 yes it will take an effect you're right But that is not the reason the Wii u is failing I mean the last month or so vita has picked up sales especially in japan why you ask? because they have released games that are big in japan.

The Wii u is selling bad because it doesn't have games and if it does eventually get games (probably first party sequels) sales will pick up if it doesn't then it will fail.

p.s. also doesn't help that the hardware is not impressive at all

loulou1920d ago

bubbles + pikey.

but you forget to say unless that positive comment is about sony

Utalkin2me1920d ago


Really? This coming from someone who only joined a couple of months ago. Should have been around when the PS3 first launched and the site was littered with 360 fanboys.

Ck1x1920d ago Show
Kiddcarter1920d ago

Not a bad argument, but come on now, the 360 and ps3 are doing very well in middle of the same recession, maybe people just don't want to buy Wii U's right now. As a Wii u owner i understand why its not doing well right now, there's nothing to play,i think once there's games, that even in this recession sales will pick up, but sales will never be like the Wii, and Nintendo fan boys and Nintendo themselves need to accept that, the Wii was a fluke system and it wont happen again

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bicfitness1921d ago

Tablet and iPad sales are through the roof, and those don't come with retailer/ telecommunication markdowns and contracts. We're talking $250-500 pieces of tech with arguable usefulness. If a device is compelling, people buy it. Period. The Wii U isn't compelling, a more attractive price won't do anything without software either, so Nintendo is in a bit of a pickle till they sort that out.

DragonKnight1921d ago

That recession has been going on for years and hasn't prevented people from buying more expensive products like iPhones, iPads and other consoles. The Wii U interests no one. It's not the recession, it's the console. The casuals see no difference in it from the Wii and thus won't buy into it, the core remember how Nintendo abandoned them in favor of the casuals, and the diehard Nintendo fans are still waiting for LoZ and Metroid. That's just the facts. Stop looking for other reasons to explain the Wii U's poor showing so far and just accept that Nintendo didn't do enough this time around... yet.

mcstorm1921d ago

The problem with the WiiU at the moment is that Nintendo have let the 3rd party bring out there games before Nintendo have had any big hitters them selfs and because of this people will not buy a WiiU yet.

For example the biggest game of last year in terms of sales was BO2 but people already have a PS3 or 360 so they wont go out and spend £300 on a new console to buy the WiiU version.

This is the same problem Microsoft and Sony will have with there next consoles if games like COD are out on the 360 and PS3 as well as the 2 new consoles because people will not want to shell out £400 or more to play the same game on there current console.

Once Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo bring out there big names like GT, Halo and Mario Kart and the 3rd party stop supporting the current gen consoles then people will start to move to the new gen consoles.

People are forgetting that we are in a recession at the moment and people are finding ways to save money and this is part of the reason why the PSV is not selling to well at the moment.

The WiiU, Next Xbox and PS4 will all sell well in the next 2 years and I also expect sales will be closer between the best selling console and the lest selling console I don't think next gen will have an out right winner this time round.

famoussasjohn1921d ago

Definitely can't be for being overpriced.

dedicatedtogamers1921d ago

@ bicfitness and DragonKnight

"it's not the economy, it's the console".

Bravo. Bravo x10,000. People should be saying this over and over again, screaming it in Nintendo's face until they run out of breath. Nintendo made the same blunder with the 3DS, assuming people would go ga-ga over the glasses-free 3D. It wasn't until they stepped in with a course correction, a price drop, and a scramble to add more software support that the 3DS began to take off. WiiU is in need of the same emergency surgery, and the only people denying it are Nintendo themselves and their shrinking, blindly-loyal fanbse.

kenshiro1001921d ago

Are you serious? People rush and buy the new iPhones each day. This has nothing to do with a recession. Nintendo isn't delivering, plain and simple.

Mr_Writer851921d ago

Yet the PS3 manages nearly 1million a month.

The WiiU's market has shrunk. That's all nothing more nothing less. The people who bought the Wii are not gamers, they simply found a new fad, they then got bored and moved on.

I wonder if you compared the rise of tablet sales (you the know those things that cost almost 3 times the price off WiiU) from around the 2010 (the decline of the Wii) you will be able to see why the WiiU is struggling.

loulou1920d ago

indeed. but will we see this almost 1m per month now that the ps4 has been announced??

if i didn't already have a ps3, i certainly wouldn't buy one now knowing that the ps4 is coming..

Mr_Writer851920d ago

I doubt you will see that, but the matter of fact is there is a market for it still. There will be people who haven't bought one who maybe tempted once a price cut comes.

I mean knowing the PS4 won't play PS3 games might catch the eye of say some 360 gamers, or even PC gamers once the price hits sub £/$120.

And just like the PS2 many South American country's are yet to see a PS3.

Again small markets but a market none the less. The WiiU does have a market, but it's not the same as the Wii, and it doesn't appeal to the full Wii market.

miyamoto1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

"effect on sales"

Yeah the recession of 2008 really affected unit sales of video games hardware in favor of the Wii & DS because they are the cheapest in the market compared to other devices.

Yeah were are still in that same recession since that time but the Wii U strategy is very unlike the Wii strategy of old.

Its the most expensive HD console today and the games are not that easy to make as admitted by Nintendo themselves( http://seanmalstrom.wordpre... unlike the Gamecube/Wii SD games of old.

Nintendo is not ready to make HD games- games or lack thereof makes or breaks a platform. What Nintendo needs to do is Speed Up their HD game making process double time before PS4 games hit the market this holiday season.

Videogamer is a flame bait site like Kotaku

kneon1920d ago

The economy has little to do with it, otherwise you wouldn't see PS3 and 360 sales still doing so well. The Wii U basic is the same price as the PS3 bundles so price isn't the issue there, people just don't seem to want a Wii U.

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lovegames7181921d ago

No hating but ever since the Wiiu came out fans have been saying every new release would sell units lol Not too long ago it was Monster Hunter and although it sold better then most games on Wiiu in Japan it didnt sell Monster Hunter numbers. I keep saying those games wont sell units the way Pikmin wont and Bayonetta 2 wont they are games that didnt even sell that much to begin with. Both games dont go past 1 million no matter what system its on.

Recession we already know is a dumb excuse especially since ps3 and xbox are still selling well above Wiiu and arent that much cheaper in price (at least ps4 isnt), not to mention Apple products keep selling through the roof.

200 price point with Mario Kart and Zelda releasing should do it for Nintendo and make sales wise otherwise its going to be a hard, bumpy ride.

apollo061921d ago

Not sure why.... Monster Hunter 3, LEGO City Undercover and Need for Speed Most Wanted U are all very good games and should've given the Wii U a bit of a sales boost... I guess people are just waiting for Nintendo to release their big guns.

Keep in mind the eShop has some AMAZING games as well.

PopRocks3591921d ago

Games of that nature haven't really moved the media or the public in any way. The Wii U needs some games that really grabs peoples' attention. For those who have adopted early, your point makes sense since there's some content to access on it, even if not a whole lot. As for people still waiting for a reason, it's understandable why someone may not dive in right now.

Theyellowflash301921d ago

This is surprising if true. I thought for sure sales of the Wii U would be higher with Monster Hunter and Lego City.

lilbroRx1921d ago

It was already confirmed higher by actual retailers. There was a 125% increase. I don't know where this article got its info from.

Theyellowflash301921d ago

This is American NPD, the 125% was Euro sales.

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