The Best Video Games Of Zavvi Mega Monday (15/04/2013)

Gamer Euphoria writes:

''Zavvi’s Mega Monday has some decent offer this week on some top titles. There’s a decent range of title on offer from various genres on a number of systems. Here’s our picks of the best of the best!''

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Linko641921d ago

Binary Domain is awesome sauce

axerated1921d ago

Yep, but lollipop chainsaw; not so much...

CaptainYesterday1921d ago

I really enjoyed Lollipop Chainsaw it's a great game that doesn't take it's self too seriously :)

axerated1921d ago

That's fair, I just found it to be a bit clunky and glitchy/unfinished. I rented it at the recommendation of a friend and didn't really enjoy it, don't get me wrong it was funny and stuff I just felt the gameplay was lacking due to a seeming lack of polish throughout