5 Great Franchises That Sales Killed

"Great games don’t always directly result in great sales. Unfortunately this sad fact is one that many developers have to live with and it often leads to them taking less and less risks because it could result in job loss and franchises being put out to pasture." - Velox

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Captain Qwark 91950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

darksiders, too human, banjo kazoozie nuts and bolts, halo wars, lost odessy and i agree on mirrors edge and kingdom. damn shame none of these got sequels. they werent perfect and in some cases ( too human ) needed a lot of work but i seen the potential

grailly1950d ago

ensemble was closed before halo:wars launched, so I'm not really sure the sales affected anything

Captain Qwark 91950d ago

true as that may be, had the sales chart been set on fire by it they still would have had a sequel even if someone else did it. that didnt happen so here we are, no more halo wars which imo, is the best rts ever on a console

Zeusprototype1949d ago

@captain, really? i personaly thought the supremem commanders and commands= and conquers smashed it

MaxXAttaxX1949d ago

I don't think it was sales that ruined Nuts and Bolts.

Septic1949d ago

Nuts and Bolts is a brilliant game. Really innovative and actually a lot of fun to play.

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Typical-Guy1950d ago

I totally agree about Too Human, it had potential but Silicon Knight blew it....

As for Halo Wars, I'd die for another game.

ToZanarkand861950d ago

Biggest tragedy in the history of the world.

Urusernamesucks1949d ago

Ahh Halo Wars, i cant stop playing that game up to this day. I got that "ready for the sequel" achievement, but it never came :,(

SilentNegotiator1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Banjo-Kazooie:N&B failed because it sucked. Microsoft decided that they needed to force XBL into the IP, and it thus became a vehicle game with wonky physics instead of the very much suggested platformer of its initial unveiling ( - See all of those cars? No? You see jiggies, honeycombs, and music notes? Interesting!).

I'm glad BK:N&B failed miserably.

Septic1949d ago

You're glad it failed miserably? Are you a gamer or just a keyboard warrior more concerned about the politics behind the industry?

And I don't know what you're on about but Banjo-Kazooie:N&B certainly didn't suck. It was a brilliant game that was really innovative.

"See all of those cars? No? You see jiggies, honeycombs, and music notes? Interesting!). "

What's so interesting about a brief intro trailer not of the game but showing a return of the franchise?

Everyone gives stick to RARE (or MS) for the Kinect games but VIVA PINATA and Nuts and Bolts are great examples of the developers providing something innovative and different.

SilentNegotiator1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

I prefer that bad games fail so that the industry does not make more them. That's how capitalism works, junior. And a bad game that does something "different" is still a bad game.

Septic1949d ago

Oh how righteous of you to wish for failure for a game that YOU didn't enjoy but others did. Whilst N&B may have suffered from problems, it wasn't a bad game and certainly never 'sucked' as you so eloquently put it.

Ah never mind, I suspect that any attempts by me to instill some understanding in you will be fruitless.

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EditorAtGNG1949d ago

Not to nitpick here but Mirror's Edge, Too Human and Halo Wars cannot be considered a franchise. Maybe a beginning of one if there was a sequel but since there was not...

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knifefight1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

This is why those "Heh, I don't work for (company name) so I don't care about sales" comments are completely off the mark. If something doesn't sell well, kiss future prospects goodbye =/ It doesn't always reflect the quality of the game, no, but when I like something, I also like to see it sell well.

Captain Qwark 91950d ago

agreed! sales are important, as much as games can be "art" they are also a business too. too many people fail to see that

Why o why1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Yeah but sales were used as fanboy fodder. Like a game had to sell halo or gran turismo numbers to be considered good or successful. People weren't caring about the wellbeing of the devs/studios when they were saying x didn't sell. It was just more bs.

If a game turns a profit then its all good and a success in my eyes. Its unfortunate for those which don't so sales do matter but not in the context some were spewing.

franko1950d ago

Kids today. Playing only retarded cod.

Captain Qwark 91950d ago

im not crazy about COD myself but they are solid games every year. don't like it don't play it, no need to waste your time or others bashing it or the people who only play it though

ILive1950d ago

I think he is right about cod in a way. It sells millions every year where some games struggle to get to a million. It is not about liking cod or not. It has had both negative and postive impact on the industry. But its mostly negative, though.

Zeusprototype1949d ago

@ilive fully agree with you, theres a generation of gamers who think cod is the be all and end all of FPS'S or wargames. Dont get me wrong i love the games but its causes gamers to be ignorant.

tubers1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Yeah.. specially that "kid" down the block I know who only plays cod on xbox.. the rest of his life so far; med student with a smoking hot blonde gf.

ApolloTheBoss1950d ago

I wouldn't count Mirror's Edge out just yet. Anyone remember when Ben Cousins said DICE was making Mirrors Edge 2 last year?

Veni Vidi Vici1950d ago

Mirror's Edge 2 will happen, and when it does, it will sell well...that is, unless they do something to ruin it. The first game was very good. It just needed some options, variation, a little more/better gun play, etc.

Of that list though, ME2 is the game I want most.

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