Digital Downloads Over Retail

Welcome to the inevitable new age of modern gaming.

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SavageKuma1953d ago

This is what I have been saying for a few years now. The consumer complains so much about not getting their supplies when they demand it, but when there is a solution of digitally downloading said product, they do not want to hear that. Always iffy about certain purchases and when you are not sure you take it back. There are ways of trying things out before you buy, but if you think about it. Digital downloads will save you a lot of time and you will not have to worry about missing out on a title day one. Great post.

RamsesNum11953d ago

Thanks Kuma. Honestly, I rely on digital downloads even though my internet connection is utter crap. I still get my games on day one, error-less and only a few hours late(due to my internet)

Roccetarius1953d ago

You mean that you get permission to use the games, since they're not yours. That's the way digital games work.

mydyingparadiselost1953d ago

And when hardware changes your purchases have a great chance of not transfering over to a new system (PSN), the price of digital isn't going to be much cheaper than retail since there's easy profit to be had in keeping the games close to retail cost, no trade in of games means your purchase is worth less, no lending out your games or borrowing from friends, and anything you buy is subject to the terms and conditions set forth by a company that will have the authority to lock you out of your content and that only has its own best monetary interests at heart. A digital future puts the con in convenience.

L6RD7BLU31953d ago

? Well digital games are mine since I can still play offline sooo yeah

Darrius Cole1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

There is no way I will rely on downloaded games or even purchase a single downloaded game as long as I have the option to go into a store and buy a disc-based version for roughly the same price.

All the reasons given by Roccetarius (post 2.1) and Mydyingparadiselost (post 2.1.1) are as correct as can be. Digital downloads means that you are renting your games and even then you are renting them subject to a very narrow set of usage permissions.

Buying a game as a digital download for the same price that you could buy the game on disk is stupid if the store that is selling the disk is within a reasonable distance.

No4Love1953d ago

Downloading the game before its release <3 and playing games while downloading is a really awesome feature.

NYC_Gamer1953d ago

I'm gonna be downloading a lot of my PS4 software via the network on day one

Typical-Guy1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I expect a cheaper price for digital downloads, it's ridiculous to see a game at $60 that you simply can't resell.... Oh and preload !

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