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Elder Scrolls Online gameplay leaks

First twenty minutes of Bethesda's upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game revealed in new video leak. (PC, The Elder Scrolls Online)

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nikrel  +   770d ago
WTF, this has been out for months now... nothing new here.
xPhearR3dx  +   770d ago
Well, if you go into the article there's another video. However, that video is 60 sec and shows clips from the actual leaked footage from that guy the other day who was a bore fest to watch, not to mention horrible at playing the game. If you actually saw the 20min video that was leaked, there's nothing new to see here.
ATi_Elite  +   770d ago
Ummmm I've seen Elder Scrolls Gameplay like 6 Months ago! This is NOTHING new! I saw like 20 minutes of gameplay and LOST ALL INTEREST in ES:O cause it has World of Warcraft combat and I prefer Action combat like Tera, Neverwinter, Guild Wars 2.

Go to YouTube and see Gameplay videos that were posted 6 months ago!
revben  +   770d ago
eso is action combat. if you saw the pax leak video you will see how nice it is. people just jump to conclusion. it is more action than gw2
Mainsqueeze  +   770d ago
Lol judging the combat of an mmo based on one terrible level 1 player running in circles shooting his fireball spell in random directions. Its not like wow combat either btw, idk how you missed that...its more actiony than Guild Wars 2. If your going to criticize a game then you might as well do some research first.

Anybody could record footage of any game in the world good or bad, and make it look like the worst thing ever if they wanted to.
Like if i recorded myself playing uncharted 3 before release but all i did was look at a wall and shoot it with a pistol, it would look pretty horrible as well.
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