Capcom’s Deep Down: Is It Dragon’s Dogma 2?

X360: Capcom’s impressive Deep Down tech demo may have been a highlight of Sony’s PS4 reveal, but are we really looking at Dragon’s Dogma 2 and will it arrive on the Next Xbox?

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Dailynch1836d ago

I hope it is. That would be frigging awesome. Bring on the next-gen!

Monkeysmarts1836d ago

That was my first thought when they showed it off.

Would love to see it become a successful series.

DeletedAcc1836d ago

Didnt capcom say its a new ip? ....

Sevir1836d ago

IRS a New IP at the PS4 conference. However, I believe Dragon's Dogma 2 will look spectacular running on the Pants Rhei Engine.

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