Saints Row 4 Achievements Leaked

Saints Row 4 is coming out in a few months, and today we got a small hint at what we can expect from the title when it's released. Although hidden in the Steam client and on the website, you can use SteamDB to go through the Steam registry and find a page for Saints Row Episode 4. In the past few days, the achievements for that game have been added to that database entry.

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josh501871141d ago

looks fun! just like the third one day 1 for sure

Donnieboi1141d ago

Man I wish Saints Row 4 was more like Saints Row 2 -_-

Donnieboi1141d ago

A good, believable, yet still over the top story (without going too overboard). More customizability, a real criminal element (not corporate suits fighting aliens).

Like that.

T3MPL3TON 1141d ago

It'll be a bargain bin buy just like, The Third. I wish they would have stuck with the formula of the first and second game. Not make 1. Good. 2 Better. and then 3 smaller with less features.

Heisenburger1141d ago

I was severely disappointed with the downgrade in the customization department.

On paper Saints Row The Third sounds awesome. But I didn't enjoy my time with it. Also it never made me laugh.

Eh.. I hope that the people who buy this enjoy it. I'm gonna have to skip it.

Anthotis1141d ago

I hope there's lots of sexist achievements, just to annoy all beta male sociology students.

Heisenburger1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

Lmao +funny

Let people worry about REAL problems *facing women. Leave the video games for people that want to have fun.

fransgurse7o1141d ago SpamShow
FarCryLover1821141d ago

Achievements leaked already? Quite early!