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Is ‘Call of Duty’ Ruining Expections of Gaming Sales?

Analog Addiction writes: "Last week Square Enix officially released the sales expectations of their recently released titles, including Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs and Hitman: Absolution. These expected numbers fell short, with Square Enix stating they “were very disappointed to see that the high scores did not translate to actual sales performance”.

Over the past year many gaming companies have closed due to poor sales, many more companies have lost money due to their overly high expectations of their games sales. With an industry that was booming only a few years ago, the drops seems extraordinarily high. But is that really the case? Hugh Simmonds and Jamie Briggs tackle the theory that popular AAA titles, might be the reason for seemingly low sales. Could these sales actually be strong, yet companies expect more due to games like Call of Duty, Halo and FIFA?" (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Culture, Industry)

NastyLeftHook0  +   955d ago
only on forums . if a game sells 1 million its damn good
3-4-5  +   955d ago
If a game sells 500K it's good. depends on the dev but still we shouldn't think of games selling over a million as failures.

It's the money spenders at top who don't understand how to budget.

They bring in "money" guys to run the business side of things but these money guys are mostly just people who were born Rich / wealthy and have never had to budget in their life.
mochachino  +   955d ago
If 3.5 million doesn't earn a profit they've spent too much making the game.

It's a reboot that brought a dying franchise back to life, not a sequel to an already popular franchise. Also, they should be able to read the market, this gen is over and most current gen games, despite being great won't generate as much excitement and sales.
zerocrossing  +   955d ago
Yes because many other devs (see EA & Capcom) are producing games and expected a return that is never going to happen no matter how much they "wish upon a star".
dedicatedtogamers  +   955d ago
The word of the day next gen is going to be "profitability". Expect the simplistic sales-charts comparisons to vanish in favor of more in-depth analysis.

Already, we're seeing games like this one sell millions and yet "fail" in the eyes of their publishers. And it isn't publishers being greedy: the development cost for these games is staggering, and these games need to sell quite a bit to recoup the cost.

More games should emulate Call of Duty, not in gameplay (oh, Lord, no!) but in terms of design philosophy. The games are never top-tier graphically (keeping costs lower). They don't spend millions on voice acting nor licensed music. They polish the multiplayer to a mirror sheen, and they release DLC to keep the game alive as the months go on.
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MariaHelFutura  +   955d ago
venom06  +   955d ago
of course it is... NO OTHER FRANCHISE has the fanboy biased backing of EVERY SINGLE GAMING "REVIEW" SITE THAT CoD HAS... period.. IGN, KOTAKU, GAMESPOT, EUROGAMER all of them will never let CoD fail.. because that game is too important to their views from a financial standpoint.... especially IGN.. that fact that they gave the copy and paste job MW3 a 9 is a testiment of this. No other game franchise is "too big to fail" for review sites the way CoD is and for that reason, the sales that game gets is TOTALLY unrealistic for any other franchise to even come close to or even be considered.
oof46  +   955d ago
CoD is not ruining sales expectations. It's having a game that isn't CoD and expecting it to sell CoD-like numbers.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   955d ago
I agree,. I also would note thatmoney management on creating great games have gone so sour due to companies investing in redundant things such as DLC before release and advertisement instead of quality testing such is this generation of "the hype".
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MilkMan  +   955d ago
Do I really have to answer that question, when publishers are calling 3.4 million sales a failure.
Man...let me go read another article.
Jamiex66  +   954d ago
So, do you agree...Really hard understand what you mean
MilkMan  +   954d ago
Yes, it does.
Publishers want those 5 or 10 million units sold. But those are unrealistic expectations. Look at Tomb Raider. The series was dead and buried, only Lara's popularity persevered.

The reboot is EXCELLENT and well done, sold 3.4 mil and still considered a loss. Besides bad business practices on the part of S-E, they should have given everyone associated with that title a raise and KUDOS all around. Instead they licking their wounds and who knows the fate of Crystal Dynamics.

For what?

Here's the thing.

COD sells not only to shooter fans. But there is a large portion of the "gaming" community that ONLY buy 2 titles a year. That's, a sport game and that years version of COD. THAT'S IT!

I know this cause I have friends that are like this and I'm sure many others do as well. Talk to them about Hitman, Darksiders, Tomb Raider or whatever and they look at you with concern and wonderment, like if you were speaking a different langue.

Hell, most of these "specialty" gamers don't even think they are gaming. They consider it the manliest thing you can do in this hobby of ours and therefore we, the gamers that buy all kinds of games are the geeks. They are BroMen cause they play with they big boys.

Better posed like this:
Playing COD is the equivalent of going down to your local sports bar and having a few with the boys.

If Bill Gates walked in this environment and starting talking about Civilization 5, or Dungeon Defenders they would all turn around and have a disgusted look in their face and throw him out of their "club"

The sad part is that these sells are astronomical and publishers want that.

What they fail to understand is, its not the game that will shift the kinds of numbers they want. What they need to create is the ultimate, bad-ass DudeBro game....and COD will be a thing of the past.

Not the game, ATMOSPHERE and the marketing to shove it down their heads that THIS game is where you want to be. Shoot stuff and run. What else could you want?

In fact I would go so far as to say that certain games have the "cool" and "must have" essence all over them. Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Halo, Grand Turismo, God of War, Gear of War.

I would venture to say that 1 third of the job, is making a fantastic game. The other two thirds is ADVERTISING and HARDCORE MARKETING.

something many, many publishers simply don't do. They feel that like in the movies, an audience exists and the fans will come.

The truth of the matter is, they will not. These excellent games get lost in the background noise of the super dominant. They must promote the crap out of games they believe in and reach their target audience.

Id love to see the stats on how much advertising went into promotion for each game that should have been a major hit was.

Hell even The Replacers videos for COD have punch.

Cant just stand there with a great game in your hand and yell at the top of your lungs. You wont be heard.
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