Is ‘Call of Duty’ Ruining Expections of Gaming Sales?

Analog Addiction writes: "Last week Square Enix officially released the sales expectations of their recently released titles, including Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs and Hitman: Absolution. These expected numbers fell short, with Square Enix stating they “were very disappointed to see that the high scores did not translate to actual sales performance”.

Over the past year many gaming companies have closed due to poor sales, many more companies have lost money due to their overly high expectations of their games sales. With an industry that was booming only a few years ago, the drops seems extraordinarily high. But is that really the case? Hugh Simmonds and Jamie Briggs tackle the theory that popular AAA titles, might be the reason for seemingly low sales. Could these sales actually be strong, yet companies expect more due to games like Call of Duty, Halo and FIFA?"

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NastyLeftHook01862d ago

only on forums . if a game sells 1 million its damn good

3-4-51862d ago

If a game sells 500K it's good. depends on the dev but still we shouldn't think of games selling over a million as failures.

It's the money spenders at top who don't understand how to budget.

They bring in "money" guys to run the business side of things but these money guys are mostly just people who were born Rich / wealthy and have never had to budget in their life.

mochachino1862d ago

If 3.5 million doesn't earn a profit they've spent too much making the game.

It's a reboot that brought a dying franchise back to life, not a sequel to an already popular franchise. Also, they should be able to read the market, this gen is over and most current gen games, despite being great won't generate as much excitement and sales.

zerocrossing1862d ago

Yes because many other devs (see EA & Capcom) are producing games and expected a return that is never going to happen no matter how much they "wish upon a star".

dedicatedtogamers1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

The word of the day next gen is going to be "profitability". Expect the simplistic sales-charts comparisons to vanish in favor of more in-depth analysis.

Already, we're seeing games like this one sell millions and yet "fail" in the eyes of their publishers. And it isn't publishers being greedy: the development cost for these games is staggering, and these games need to sell quite a bit to recoup the cost.

More games should emulate Call of Duty, not in gameplay (oh, Lord, no!) but in terms of design philosophy. The games are never top-tier graphically (keeping costs lower). They don't spend millions on voice acting nor licensed music. They polish the multiplayer to a mirror sheen, and they release DLC to keep the game alive as the months go on.

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