Interview: Talking TxK, Vita, and PS4 with Tempest 2000's Jeff Minter

Push Square: "The word ‘legendary’ gets tossed around a little too much these days, but Jeff Minter is a British icon whose portfolio is more than deserving of the clichéd term. Since founding Llamasoft in 1982, the Reading-born developer has worked on a laundry list of noteworthy games, including Gridrunner, Attack of the Mutant Camels, and Tempest 2000. With the latter nearing its 20th anniversary, the luminary recently revealed that he’s working on a spiritual successor to the Atari Jaguar classic for the PlayStation Vita named TxK. We were lucky enough to catch up with sheep-obsessed studio head in order to discuss Sony’s handheld, indie gaming, and the PlayStation 4."

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