Battlefield 4, an Alpha version test for mid-summer?

A test before the Multiplayer Beta.

Battlefield 4 will use certainly a Multiplayer Beta session this fall with conditional access to those that affect the purchase of Medal of Honor: Warfighter Limited Edition or from the pre-order of BF4, but DICE could make an Alpha version for mid-summer.

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Trunkz Jr1950d ago

I got Warfighter *shivers* for the BF4 key and Pre-order as well, does that mean I'll have a free Alpha or Beta key to give away?

Rob Hornecker1950d ago

DITTO!!! Pre-order it both for the XB360 and the PS3!

Since you already have the Premium ( I will assume ) for the current gen BF3 you should get a beta key for that and you will also get 1 for your pre-order to share with a friend!!!

Pretty cool HUH???

famoussasjohn1950d ago

Bought Warfighter for PC as well, part of that $35 pre-order deal they had hours before the launch.

Rob Hornecker1950d ago

THANKS!!! For reminding me that I had MoH: warfighter. That will be another code I will have!

DoomeDx1950d ago

You bought Warfighter...Just for a beta key?
Are you kidding me!? People pay to play "demo's" now?

Rob Hornecker1950d ago

I was hoping it would have been a decent game considering who made it,but alas it turned out to be a TURD!

Trust me ,I will have plenty of beta keys for BF4! Now if I could just get in on that Alpha test for the current gen systems......

Rob Hornecker1950d ago

Where do I sign up?

I would love to beta test this for current gen systems!

famoussasjohn1950d ago

Last year I believe they sent out codes to people who have played Battlefield for a while. Not sure exactly what other requirements were needed though.

KillerPwned1950d ago

BF3 had an alpha test on PC back in the summer of 2011 so I have no doubt BF4 will have one this summer also.

famoussasjohn1950d ago

Sweet, this time around I have a rig that can play it. :D Hopefully I get sent a code, my buddy gave me his since he didn't have a PC at the time.

xPhearR3dx1950d ago

That sounds like me lol Got a code, but couldn't run the game. This year is different. I actually have a high-end PC now. Let's hope they do have an Alpha.

Fil1011950d ago

I'm having trouble getting to play online with BF3 on PS3 at the mo, it just sits at the menu screen for ages was wondering if anyone else was having any issues

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