Konami Renames Offensive Metal Gear Rising Achievements for Middle East

IGN: "Konami has adjusted certain trophies and achievements in Revenegance that could potentially be considered offensive in the region."

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Donnieboi1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Maybe the rest of the world should stop publishing games (and TV shows/Movies/books, cartoons, etc) in regions of the world where certain individuals tend to get easily offended (wherever free-speech-haters are the majority). If they want to live in the dark ages, where free speech is not allowed, then so be it.

zerocrossing1890d ago

People will disagree but I'm with you on that, some people will be offended no matter what you do so why even bother trying not offend them?

Salooh1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

You have to separate entertainment from disrespecting.

Imagine a random person see you in the street and say something offending to you. Would you accept that?. I don't think so unless you like others to disrespect you. You would react to it some how ..

Let's say i made a game about muslims. Then i put something funny about your religion. Wouldn't you consider it offending?. Making fun of others believes is not an entertainment thing. It's just disrespectful. If you like to make a joke about that then just make fun of your own people and your religion.

I only make fun of people when i know them and become friends with them. That way they know i don't mean anything bad to them. But laughing at more then a billion people without knowing them is not funny..

Now if kojima made a funny thing about us but not in offending way i wouldn't mind because i know he respect us. He and his team are friends to us.

You guys also need to separate the racist people from religions. All religions have them. Even the people that doesn't have religion have these kind of people.

NewMonday1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

"bros before foes"

nuff said!

zerocrossing1890d ago

@ 14Feb-R

No, because if I had that much faith in my religion/beliefs I wouldn't be offended if people I consider ignorant where to make fun of it or anything else I like for that matter.

Take this for example, America constantly takes the piss out of English people (or at least type casts them a lot) Well I'm English so should I be offended by this? No because it doesn't matter and causes no real harm unless (I) make a big deal out of it.

The world just seems to have gone PC mad and I think that's a terrible shame.

NewMonday1890d ago

your English then you obviously know about the Suarez/Evra Saga, and how a word is offensive and can punishable in your country but not in Uruguay.

the English were saying if he lived in England then he should know they have "diffident standards" to Latin America.

kreate1890d ago


'If you like to make a joke about that then just make fun of your own people and your religion. '

The thing is, if I make fun of my own ppl and my own religion, ppl will still be offended.

Thats why ppl need to take their offense somewhere else.

N4realGMRZ1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

so people who are easily offended should be shut out? if i say soemthing about Gays or Women or even Anti-Semetic in the US media should i assume the US masses wont get offended? you can offend anyone but not the other way around? is that your logic?

zerocrossing1890d ago

Apparently people are missing the point...

Look if you happen to say something that someone considers offensive, but your original intention was not to offend anyone then there really is no good reason for that person to be upset, do you understand now?.

If I say/do something with the sole intention of upsetting someone then that's a good reason to be offended.

You still have every right to be offended but let's please not make mountains out of mole hills anymore.

Salooh1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

What i'm saying don't offend people. You think they are wrong then prove them by reason not by making fun of them because that way you will disrespect your own religion and tell others that your religion taught you to offend anyone who have different believes. If someone didn't mean to offend others and did it by mistake and saw people react to it he would remove it immediately or apologies . If he didnt then he did want to offend others because he consider it a joke..

I'm not saying the world will do this good thing because people are not perfect. We all do mistakes but we should try to avoid this not justifying it as an opinion or entertainment thing because humans most of the times can acknowledge what's right and wrong and i feel it's wrong. I'm giving you an advice to do your part so you and others don't feel sorry for this silly thing that anyone can do. You consider racists stuff an entertainment thing then do it but at least i said my opinion and you saw it and when you die you won't regret it because you choose it.

This is just discussion so no hard feelings ^^. You guys see me wrong and have reasons to prove me wrong then good but if you justify it because you enjoy it then it's your fault. Finding the truth is what matters. I may be wrong so it's just an opinion. I just try to do my part by not offending anyone in any way..

EDIT : I may even misunderstood you so forgive me if i said something offending or anything off topic from your post. I'm sucks at english ;P

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Whitefeather1890d ago

No one cares, they were just worried. I'm an Arab and I did the platinum and didn't care at all. They just don't want a shit storm. Also let's not forget people in the west created a shit storm about a certain trophy in God of don't act like it's only Arabs who overreact.

Salooh1890d ago

True. I love these developers. They are respectful, Smart and talented. MGR about freedom. If they add something offensive then the game story is just show off and doesn't send any message. Middle east didn't react to it so it's them selfs that respect middle east.

Snookies121890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Yeah, that God of War trophy was the stupidest thing I'd heard in a long time... I swear, why can't people just stop taking things so seriously? If you have an issue with a trophy, that's your own problem, don't buy the dang game if that's the case. Even if this was the developers themselves that changed it. I still don't think things like that should be changed for one place and not another.

Donnieboi1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Nobody said anything about Arabs. I know some Arabs who are Christians, Hindu's and even Jewish (by religion). However, if certain regions of the world are over-run by overzealous fundamentalism (religion-wise, not race (Arab =/= Muslim every time)) then maybe certain game publishers should not bother releasing their games there.

I mean, when a man gets chased all around the world for drawing a cartoon of a religious figure, it makes me think (as a future game developer) about possibly never wanting to have my games published in regions that are hostile to free speech. Or to avoid making games, stories, etc that have anything to do with their culture. And that is sad, because everything should be up for criticism and examination, no matter who gets offended. But certain religions don't accept criticism or discussion about the validity of their beliefs. So, if I was currently a developer, I would avoid that part of the world if it could be helped. It's not us (free thinkers) that are burning bridges, it is those who don't embrace intelligent discussion on religion. So, let them live in their own "world".

To hell with political correctness, if it means that free speech is impeded upon.

maniactadpole1890d ago

Hindu Arabs ? Lol I don't think there are Arabs who follow Hinduism.

Whitefeather1890d ago

So by your logic a few complain and publishers should stop releasing games in the region? Come on man open your eyes and see how stupid and narrow minded that is.

Whitefeather1890d ago

Look man you are treading on thin ground here. That man insulted our prophet who is long dead and had nothing to do with the Muslims now. So please back off the topic before you offend anyone.

Donnieboi1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )


Yes, there are Arabs who are Hindu.

A classmate of mine is Muslim (newly converted), while her brother and parents are Hindu--yet all four of them are Arabs from Pakistan (not Indian Pakistani's).

So, let's stop generalizing Arabs.


You said: "Look man you are treading on thin ground here. That man insulted our prophet who is long dead and had nothing to do with the Muslims now. So please back off the topic before you offend anyone."

Case in point.

I should back off? For "offending" you, when I didn't actually even come close to TRYING to offend you. I guess you would say that I never should have said anything at all (even though I didn't say a single offensive thing). So what's the difference between me choosing NOT to say anything because it might "offend" you, and a company choosing not to release a game because it might offend others too?

Point proven, sadly.

maniactadpole1890d ago


The link that you have just posted doesn't say anything about Arabs practicing Hinduism ! It just speaks about Hinduism being practiced in the Middle East, mainly in the GCC countries (countries belonging to GCC are more modern and tolerant) due to the migration of Indians there.Arabs are followers of Abrahamic religions. Most of them are Muslims though. There's even a law that prevents Muslim Arabs to convert to any other religion. The example that you have given is an anomaly. These conversions are EXTREMELY rare.

Whitefeather1890d ago

You don't seem to understand the difference between being polite and rude. When you go out of your way to offend someone that isn't free speech that's a hate speech. Also those numbers on the hindus is indians coming to the Arab countries to work. I also on my way to being a game programmer and I do not want to be an asshole offending people left and right. You need to reevaluate your opinions as you have contradicted yourself.

"Maybe the rest of the world should stop publishing games (and TV shows/Movies/books, cartoons, etc) in regions of the world where certain individuals tend to get easily offended (wherever free-speech-haters are the majority). If they want to live in the dark ages, where free speech is not allowed, then so be it."

Then you say "So, let's stop generalizing Arabs."
Oh and Pakistanis are NOT Arabs.

NewMonday1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )


Hindu Arabs from Pakistan?

Indian Pakistani's?


edit: Pakistan is country formed by different ethnicity , it's not an ethnicity by itself.

NewMonday1890d ago


i'm also a Muslim and Arabian but I don't agree with Whitefeather, my reaction is to ignore.

so what point dose that prove?

maniactadpole1890d ago


There are no Indian Pakistanis, only Indians bru. Similarly, there are no Arabs from Pakistan. Both India and Pakistan are located in the South Asia. Arabs are a panethnicity primarily living in the Arab world, which is located in Western Asia and North Africa.

Grap1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

lol there's no Arab Hindu and i know that because i am an Arab.. and no Pakistan aren't Arabs and there's no Pakistan Arabs and Pakistan Indian lol. just show how ignorant you are. if u don't obey by our law u won't get candy. you showed us how free minded you are /s. i feel sorry and happy in the same time that i am from 3rd world and i know a lot more than this ignorant.

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Eiffel1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )


Hate speech is apart of free speech, as much as people would like to deny that. A person has the right to speak their mind independently potentially limited by whatever policies that fall under whom they represent, such as an employer. Everyone has the right to say whatever they want regardless if it offends someone, to deny them that right is a violation of free speech.

Conditional speech is not free.

Eamon1890d ago

True, hate speech is part of free speech.

However, let's not get over excited here, most western countries restrict free speech in some way or form.

For example, it is illegal in the UK to preach open violence. Preaching violence technically falls under 'free speech' too.

In France, it is illegal to deny the holocaust or even dispute it historically. Denying or disputing the holocaust is pretty much harmless compared to preaching violence yet France still bans it.

In Germany, it is illegal to do Nazi salutes or have Nazi flags.

And there are probably many more examples.

What has happened here is Konami pre-emptively changing the titles of its achievements just in case ME media takes notice and goes on a rage (although very unlikely). Nothing much.

As for the right to offend someone, technically there are actual laws in Western countries to do with 'libel' and 'harassment.'

Also, the better human being would simply be polite and respect others rather than intentionally offending others. Isn't every human being taught as a child to respect others?

ironfist921890d ago

Well said. I find this is a sign of respect on Konami's part, not a sign of offense by middle eastern gamers.

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Eamon1890d ago

I don't think Middle Easterners would react to those achievements. I mean, most of the games there are imported NA/EU versions which wouldn't have been censored.

Alos881890d ago

"Konami Renames Metal Gear Rising Achievements Before Someone Gets Offended On Behalf Of Somebody Else."
Fixed the title for you.

specialguest1890d ago

In Super Castlevania 4 they removed the cross from the tombstones. In FF6 they censored the game by renaming the spell Holy to Pearl, and renaming the summon Jihad to Crusaders. Seems like they didn't want to offend christians.

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