Batman Arkham Origins: A Game Of The Year Contender

"Game Informer just recently announced a new game in the Batman Arkham series, titled Batman Arkham Origins. While many have suspected that another game in the Batman Arkham series was going to be created, it is really great news to hear that the new game will be releasing this year." |

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jc485731867d ago

Well maybe you should provide us with more details and we decide if it is

xYLeinen1867d ago

Judging from it's predecessors, yes, maybe.. A bit arrogant to make such a statement tho. If they want to be game of the year, they need to continue to surprise and innovate too keep us engaged in the series..

THC CELL1867d ago

Hard to beat the last of us sorry

iR_phantasm1867d ago

Im sure its gonna be a banger even though Rocksteady aren't the ones producing it. But........The Last of Us, GTAV. Lets not forget the gem that was Infinite.

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