Skyrim on Oculus Rift Looks Fantastically Immersive

GR - "Watch what Skyrim looks like when played on the Oculus Rift."

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GrownUpGamer1923d ago

Not buying a PS4 and the next xbox this year or next.
I can wait for them but for THIS >>>"Oculus Rift"<<<


puamdefokejpn1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

I think one day it is going to be amazing,.. but it is going to hit performance a lot , 3/4 ,.. that is how much it needs to render,.. But I seriously cannot wait for this in a decade or so when they totally eliminate lag, make at least 720p and be affordable.. I am glad developers are excited about it though. I kinda want one now,.. but not with my rig..

One day this is going to be a game changer,.. Sony has something like this in the making,..But this is just awesome because of fov,.. one day, is going to be so damn immersive it is scary.

GrownUpGamer1923d ago

"One day this is going to be a game changer"

In my opinion… Is already a game Changer. :D

WUTCHUGUNNADO1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Shouldn't hit performance any harder than playing in regular 3d... I'm not really impressed with the head tracking considering it looks disorienting but the way they do 3D seems a lot less headache inducing. A decade from now it'll probably be a 4k version.

StillGray1923d ago

I'd like to see games that are developed with the Oculus Rift in mind.

savaroth1923d ago

just google for " oculus rift games" . Tried direct linking but I'm not sure if url's are allowed. In any case it says it looked like spam. :)

Skate-AK1923d ago

That's weird cause I have direct linked before and it worked.

RE_L_MAYER1923d ago

Some guy played doom 3 with those-he said its not lagging and you also hold controller and play with controller but look around with oculus, he said when you press jump its very weird but overall amazing to be inside of game....playing skyrim with this biznitch would be priceless
When does this hit the shelves???

GrownUpGamer1923d ago

Games i can't wait to play using this:

Mirrors Edge
Elder Scrolls
Lock On FC3
Doom 3

Oooohhh i can't wait.


What are up with those shadows...