Face Off: Would BioShock Infinite make a good movie?

PC Gamer - This week’s debate asks whether or not a film adaptation of BioShock Infinite could work, or if it misses the point. “No,” says the man from Michigan: Evan thinks that BioShock’s themes and intricate plot don’t suit a Hollywood reproduction. On the other side, Tyler doesn’t see why Infinite’s great story couldn’t become a great film, if all else goes well.

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toxic-inferno1920d ago

NO! Don't do it!!

It WOULD have made a decent concept for a film, but BioShock Infinite is revolutionary in the videogame medium because it such a step forward in terms of videogame narrative. The plot is fantastic for a game, but in a film, where you can't develop the same relationship with the characters, the plot would fall short due to a lack of character and plot development.

When will people learn that 9 times out of 10, a narrative in one genre doesn't suit another!

Saryk1920d ago

No, it would make the Blue Lagoon 2 a masterpiece!

The first Bioshock, I don't see that being bad however!