Dealt with it: Why Microsoft will surely now shun an 'always-online' future

The Xbox firm is too smart to ignore community calls...

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EVILDEAD3601918d ago

There was nothing to deal with. Kotaku and others mixed up Durango with Xbox mini. The community cried over nothing and Orthlost his job over twitter.

Durango will play games offfline, play used games , and will be backwards compatible with Xbox mini.


evilunklebud1918d ago

this again? this site had a hissy fit over an alleged hack of live over the weekend, that turnout to be mainly the by product of fanboys hysteria, so now we are going to go back to this always on meme.

thechosenone1918d ago

"May 21 is the date for the next Xbox event."

Begun the console wars have.

pop-voxuli1918d ago

What is an "Xbox Mini"??? This is the first ive heard of this.

Knight_Crawler1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

MS will announce the XBox Mini along with the XBox Durango - the XBox Mini is a console that will not have a disk drive and will be BC with current 360 games.

MS wants to take on Google and Apple TV with the Mini while also catering to the gamers...this is where Apple and Google falls short as they dont have a steady gaming platform.

The price for the Mini is rumored to be around $130 USD and the Durango is rumoured to cost just over $300.

This is where the confusion about always online came in as the Mini is required to be connected to the internet to watch movies and do other online related stuff - the Durango DOES NOT NEED TO BE CONNECTED TO PLAY SINGLE PLAYER GAMES.

Edit: Who is the coward that disagreed with me?

Edit: at greyFox so his statement is wrong becuase its based on a rumor but all of these other rumors that have been posted on N4G about always being online are legit -_- you Sony fanboys are really selective.

grayfoxx8811918d ago


It's obvious you didn't even take the time to read my entire comment. Everything is rumor and speculation until either May 21st or E3. It's pretty selective to believe one rumor as fact over another rumor you find unfavourable, which is what you are doing right now. It's awfully big of you to call out your own pathetic fanboy behavior ;)

grayfoxx8811918d ago

The problem with your statement is that you are using a rumor to disregard another rumor. We still know absolutely nothing about the next Xbox console when it comes to factual information.

syphon321918d ago

and the world did end in 2012, sorry guy there're not that considerate.

moneygun21918d ago

It would probably be best if you wait until an official announcement before you go racing around saying things are "debunked" on something that hasn't even officially been announced. The fact is a majority of the rumors point towards on always online console. If that's the case so be it. I think it would be wise for you to slow down and wait for the facts.

No announcement=no facts
No facts=no basis
No basis=nothing to treat as source
No source=no information

Follow my handy chart and your comments will have merit.

EVILDEAD3601918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

'The fact is a majority of the rumors point towards on always online console. If that's the case so be it. I think it would be wise for you to slow down and wait for the facts'

The FACT is the majority of those rumors EVEN Kotaku sourced VGLEAKS AS THE SOURCE for the always online rumor.

This was plastered everywhere as FACT as it went on.

VGLEAKS then retracted this when the got the information that they indeed mixed up the Always online rumor with the Xbox Mini.

This isn't reported here on as EVERY other rumor from ANY source known to man because...well I guess we can only speculate as to why every rumor under the son makes it to N4G, except this one.

No matter, the LATEST rumor from the leading biggest source for everything Durango and PS4 hardware wise NOW says:

- Durango can play game offline
- Durango plays used games
- Durango is backwards compatible w/Xbox mini
- Durango will be priced the same as the PS4
- Kinect 2.0 is being developed by a separate team and it is not the focus of the hardware.

Source: VGLEAKS (Who dunked every rumor that came from THEM)


Lvl_up_gamer1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

So you are saying we can't debunk a rumor with a rumor even when it's the same source that created the first rumor?

Sony eats babies. They haven't officially denied it so then it must be true....

Rumors can NOT be accepted as fact which is exactly what you are doing. You are choosing to believe a negative rumor simply because it's easier for you to look negatively on MS.

Fact is, the source that originally stated that the 720 would always be online (which is the rumor you wish to believe) is also the same source that is saying they were wrong and that the 720 will NOT be always online (which is the rumor you don't wish to believe).

Your kind, along with the mass majority on this site, including the bias mods, have an agenda against MS and would rather believe any kind of negative rumor as some kind of truth or fact while ignoring or preventing the actual positive rumors which seem more logical and would require a bit more common sense to believe.

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Software_Lover1918d ago

And another one. Who's keeping count.

dcbronco1918d ago

I'm keeping count and we have now reached the grand total of 509.

I think gamers need to smarten up and not allow themselves to be used for hits. All of these silly Farticles(yes I meant to type that)need to be ignored. Gamers should ignore them because they shouldn't allow themselves to be used. And fanboys should ignore them because it only ends up being another opportunity to make yourself look stupid with another ignorant comment.

Fanboy articles are a waste of everyone's time.

InMyOpinion1918d ago

Why this and why that. Let them announce it already.

Why o why1918d ago

Imagine a 'yawn meme' imagine funny caption.

Bakkies1918d ago

Lets all start a gaming blog and write an article "What always online means for the next Xbox."

We've seen the story a billion times and it's old as fuck, but people love reading articles about speculation and rumours.

lashes2ashes1918d ago

This only online stuff is so stupid. Microsoft could not sell the system it lots of countries that have spotty Internet access. There is still places in America that have really crappy Internet that goes out all of the time. I highly doubt at any time they were really even intertaining the's bad buisness.

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