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Dealt with it: Why Microsoft will surely now shun an 'always-online' future

The Xbox firm is too smart to ignore community calls... (Culture, Dev, Industry, Microsoft, Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE)

EVILDEAD360  +   811d ago
There was nothing to deal with. Kotaku and others mixed up Durango with Xbox mini. The community cried over nothing and Orthlost his job over twitter.

Durango will play games offfline, play used games , and will be backwards compatible with Xbox mini.

evilunklebud  +   811d ago
this again? this site had a hissy fit over an alleged hack of live over the weekend, that turnout to be mainly the by product of fanboys hysteria, so now we are going to go back to this always on meme.
thechosenone  +   811d ago
"May 21 is the date for the next Xbox event."

Begun the console wars have.
pop-voxuli  +   811d ago
What is an "Xbox Mini"??? This is the first ive heard of this.
Knight_Crawler  +   811d ago
MS will announce the XBox Mini along with the XBox Durango - the XBox Mini is a console that will not have a disk drive and will be BC with current 360 games.

MS wants to take on Google and Apple TV with the Mini while also catering to the gamers...this is where Apple and Google falls short as they dont have a steady gaming platform.

The price for the Mini is rumored to be around $130 USD and the Durango is rumoured to cost just over $300.

This is where the confusion about always online came in as the Mini is required to be connected to the internet to watch movies and do other online related stuff - the Durango DOES NOT NEED TO BE CONNECTED TO PLAY SINGLE PLAYER GAMES.

Edit: Who is the coward that disagreed with me?

Edit: at greyFox so his statement is wrong becuase its based on a rumor but all of these other rumors that have been posted on N4G about always being online are legit -_- you Sony fanboys are really selective.
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grayfoxx881  +   811d ago

It's obvious you didn't even take the time to read my entire comment. Everything is rumor and speculation until either May 21st or E3. It's pretty selective to believe one rumor as fact over another rumor you find unfavourable, which is what you are doing right now. It's awfully big of you to call out your own pathetic fanboy behavior ;)
grayfoxx881  +   811d ago
The problem with your statement is that you are using a rumor to disregard another rumor. We still know absolutely nothing about the next Xbox console when it comes to factual information.
syphon32  +   810d ago
and the world did end in 2012, sorry guy there're not that considerate.
moneygun2  +   810d ago
It would probably be best if you wait until an official announcement before you go racing around saying things are "debunked" on something that hasn't even officially been announced. The fact is a majority of the rumors point towards on always online console. If that's the case so be it. I think it would be wise for you to slow down and wait for the facts.

No announcement=no facts
No facts=no basis
No basis=nothing to treat as source
No source=no information

Follow my handy chart and your comments will have merit.
EVILDEAD360  +   810d ago
'The fact is a majority of the rumors point towards on always online console. If that's the case so be it. I think it would be wise for you to slow down and wait for the facts'

The FACT is the majority of those rumors EVEN Kotaku sourced VGLEAKS AS THE SOURCE for the always online rumor.

This was plastered everywhere as FACT as it went on.

VGLEAKS then retracted this when the got the information that they indeed mixed up the Always online rumor with the Xbox Mini.

This isn't reported here on N4G.com as EVERY other rumor from ANY source known to man because...well I guess we can only speculate as to why every rumor under the son makes it to N4G, except this one.

No matter, the LATEST rumor from the leading biggest source for everything Durango and PS4 hardware wise NOW says:

- Durango can play game offline
- Durango plays used games
- Durango is backwards compatible w/Xbox mini
- Durango will be priced the same as the PS4
- Kinect 2.0 is being developed by a separate team and it is not the focus of the hardware.

Source: VGLEAKS (Who dunked every rumor that came from THEM)

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Lvl_up_gamer  +   810d ago
So you are saying we can't debunk a rumor with a rumor even when it's the same source that created the first rumor?

Sony eats babies. They haven't officially denied it so then it must be true....

Rumors can NOT be accepted as fact which is exactly what you are doing. You are choosing to believe a negative rumor simply because it's easier for you to look negatively on MS.

Fact is, the source that originally stated that the 720 would always be online (which is the rumor you wish to believe) is also the same source that is saying they were wrong and that the 720 will NOT be always online (which is the rumor you don't wish to believe).

Your kind, along with the mass majority on this site, including the bias mods, have an agenda against MS and would rather believe any kind of negative rumor as some kind of truth or fact while ignoring or preventing the actual positive rumors which seem more logical and would require a bit more common sense to believe.
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Software_Lover  +   811d ago
And another one. Who's keeping count.
dcbronco  +   810d ago
I'm keeping count and we have now reached the grand total of 509.

I think gamers need to smarten up and not allow themselves to be used for hits. All of these silly Farticles(yes I meant to type that)need to be ignored. Gamers should ignore them because they shouldn't allow themselves to be used. And fanboys should ignore them because it only ends up being another opportunity to make yourself look stupid with another ignorant comment.

Fanboy articles are a waste of everyone's time.
InMyOpinion  +   811d ago
Why this and why that. Let them announce it already.
Why o why  +   811d ago
Imagine a 'yawn meme' imagine funny caption.
Bakkies  +   811d ago
Lets all start a gaming blog and write an article "What always online means for the next Xbox."

We've seen the story a billion times and it's old as fuck, but people love reading articles about speculation and rumours.
lashes2ashes  +   811d ago
This only online stuff is so stupid. Microsoft could not sell the system it lots of countries that have spotty Internet access. There is still places in America that have really crappy Internet that goes out all of the time. I highly doubt at any time they were really even intertaining the notion..it's bad buisness.
Godmars290  +   811d ago
No they wont. The current generation has been nothing but "Always On."

The question is will they and the industry make allowances for offline.

Capcom, with putting DRM on some of their PSN/XBL title have clearly shown a lack of consideration. Were testing the waters.
josephayal  +   811d ago
microsoft are maybe greedy but they are not stupid, they won't do it, mark my words
Jek_Porkins  +   810d ago
I think the biggest reason they will shun DRM is because the competition is not employing it either. I think this whole rumor started because of a mix up and someone got hold of the wrong spec sheet that said "Xbox" on it, we've heard rumors of an Xbox without an optical drive since early last year, people freaked out at that time because they thought the next Xbox would drop support of physical discs,

I think the next Xbox will allow used games and not require DRM to play games, but I still think some developers will implement DRM, Destiny, Assassins Creed, Watch Dogs and probably some others will try and use it.
dcbronco  +   810d ago
After reading about the digital distribution rumor the "always on" thing may make sense for a subscription purchased 720. If you get off line the subsidized 720 will no longer work. A 720 bought at full price will never be subject to the fanboy notion of always on. Depending on the price of the Live access this could be a good deal for some. I highly doubt the monthly price will be that great and you will end up spending more than buying it at full price.

Now if they go with multiple levels of service it might be different. Say Silver that includes MP but not other features. Gold that includes MP, all of the apps and some original programming. And then Platinum that includes Everything. MP, Netflix, Hulu all original programming and Zune music. Also additional discounts and maybe some free games. If the subscription based 720 is for Platinum it might be worth it.

That may be how I would handle it. But I would also have all games day one with retail. I understand the retail issue, but it should have always been that way. If that is the case, I would price the subscription 720 much lower, maybe half the price. I would allow the people to buy the Live service at regular yearly prices. But all of the games would have to be digital the first two years. The difference in cost of digital would offset some of the money the person would have paid month to month.
Jek_Porkins  +   810d ago
There wouldn't be a difference between a subscription based console that was different than the non subscription based one, just like now. You get the same exact Xbox 360 for the subsidized deal.

The Xbox Mini is likely the always online model, considering it doesn't have a disc drive, it makes the most sense, it's like a Roku box, which obviously needs to be online to work.

Microsoft wont block people from playing the 720 offline on any model, the subscription based plan will just allow people to get into next generation gaming at a great price up front, kind of how we buy things with credit cards, payments spread out over time is a lot easier to absorb.

Also, Microsoft doesn't even offer digital versions of new games the same day as the retail versions are available because they don't want to tick off retailers, these retailers make Microsoft a lot of money not just with Xbox, but with every Microsoft product, I think MS would be smart to continue to do what they are doing, focus on physical media, which is what core gamer's want, and let the rest take care of itself.
dcbronco  +   810d ago
Jek I'm not saying a different Xbox. The same one just subsidized by the Live account. If you think the 720 that is sold at a lower price will be free of DRM you're kidding yourself. It makes perfect sense for a subsidized model. If you offer it for $200 less and there is no other incentive but credit rating to keep people honest they will lose a lot of money. But if the console is bricked if the person doesn't pay it makes sense. Always online works in that model. After the two years of paying for Live monthly, you have a free and clear console. All of the consoles will be a always on machine but only for updates and downloads. No different than the many always online machines we already own.

The reason they will do this is that it's not exactly like credit cards. Credit cards make money on interest and the interest is based on perceived risk. There won't be a difference in the subscription fee, a person with bad credit gets the same deal.

Sony and Microsoft will be offering game day one. It was always MSs goal. They push DD since before the 360. Sony said they would in their conference. Retailers know they are on their way back. The way things are bought and sold are changing. Core gamers can want whatever they want. But as cost rise, gamers will have to accept higher prices, less content or digital copies. Eventually maybe physical copies may become the limited edition version. But digital cuts cost and it will become the main way to get your games. If people go to Gamestop to save $5 they'll go digital to save more.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   810d ago
Microsoft haven't confirmed or denied always online rumours because it getting them attention away from the Playstation 4 in the online community regardless. I have a strong feeling this was never a possibility, just a dumb gossip blown out of proportion by the Interwebs (which may have been done by MS themselves to have more people talking about their new console seeing that the "leaked" concept art for 3D hardware didn't generate enough buzz) because in the end the good things people have done will die in a day but their sins shall remembered beyond their bones........
Morgue  +   810d ago
They'll end all support for the 360 which will merge into the newBox thus rendering your old consoles useless because you won't be able to play online. Kinda like when they shut down the servers for Halo 2.

( I doubt this will happen but since everyone thinks the sky is falling )

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