Top 5 Games You're Better at Drunk

St. Patrick's Day has a lot going for it (funny hats, shamrocks, elves), but mostly it's a holiday set aside so that people, Irish or not, can get hammered. And although we'd never disparage getting stupid on green-tinted beer and passing out in an alley, staying indoors with friends, liquor, and a Sixaxis seems a hell of a lot more responsible for once.

Sure, there are those games that require a meticulous and steady hand, tremendous attention to detail, and the discipline of a surgeon. And then there are those games that -- you swear! You swear up and down, on all that is holy -- you are just a little better at when blitzed.

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TheWickedOne3508d ago

I don't know about Breakout, but GH is great fun when hammered. Although I believe the actually worst at it and only think I rock b/c I'm drunk.

Intrepid3508d ago

I have a friend who gets exponentially better at Guitar Hero when drunk. It's freakin' nuts.

cr33ping_death3508d ago

i would have to go with GEARS. i get way better and more competative when drunk....... as my LIVE buddies from OKLAHOMA say in their text messages to my phone ..... GEARS AND BEERS!!!!!

cr33ping_death3507d ago

wow i must have touched the nerves of two people to have to disagree with me.... oh well cry on b!tches.

LinuxGuru3508d ago

CounterStrike: Source for me.

Captain Tuttle3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

I play better after 3 or 4 beers but all it takes is one more to put me over the edge into suck territory. It's exactly like pool.

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