Denis Dyack on Story and Content in Games, Part 1

A comprehensive talk with the controversial developer.

Philip Kollar writes: After asking me to fix any grammatical errors he might make when I transcribe our interview, I assure Denis Dyack that I always try to make the people I'm interviewing sound as smart as possible. "That might be a tough one," he responds. Thankfully, he joins me in laughing a few seconds later.

The joke is funny because Dyack knows he's smart, unrepentantly and aggressively intelligent in an industry that isn't always kind to people who want to have a discourse above a high school level. Then again, Dyack is used to defending his viewpoint on games. In a GDC panel on the "future of videogame storytelling," he debated with six other panelists, in particular defending his high concept approach against the more middle-brow, appeal-to-the-masses ideals of Saber Interactive's Matthew Karch.

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