The Hidden Problem with PlayStation Plus

Worth Playing - On the surface, PlayStation Plus sounds like a great deal for gamers who don't mind digital content. You have instant access to most of your game collection, cloud-based storage, an extra discount on sales and what amounts to an unlimited free rental on pre-selected titles. Unfortunately, there is a problem inherent in the system that isn't immediately obvious when you subscribe.

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GribbleGrunger1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

I disagree with this argument. Most people who want a title will download it within the launch window. The only market PS+ effect is the second hand market. I have no sympathy for arguments like this. They make mention that if you already got Borderlands FOR FREE, you don't get any special treatment when you then purchase the Borderland 1 and 2 bundle ... TOUGH! Don't subscribe again and leave PS+ to people who appreciate the service.

'How dare you give me a free game and make the bundle irrelevant!'

stop being so God damn entitled.

sinncross1863d ago

I dont know... i see the articles reasoning.
Basically buying something you get for 'free' off PS+ is not possible which can in turn be detrimental to you if you no longer use PS+.

But the problem the article presents relates purely to bundles and part of the bundle being something off PSN+ you may have got: basically that item which you paid for (part of the bundle) is not given to you as an actual item you own (though ypu paid for it).

IF this is indeed true, then it is somewhat problematic.

GribbleGrunger1863d ago

Ah, I misread that part. In that case I have to agree.

DivineAssault 1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

This should be addressed with the nx generation.. If i bought the bundle BL1 & 2) after downloading Borderlands 1 for free on ps plus, part 1 expires with my subscription.. Interesting point

lodossrage1863d ago

I don't know where the writer is getting this "fact" from.

If you bought something beforehand that's being given in a bundle, it's not like the free item will replace the paid version of it.

Instead, the bundle just gives you all the parts that you DON'T have.

I know this because sometime 2 years ago, they were giving away some of Sega's Vintage collection as free games in a bundle. I already had Streets of Rage 2 and Altered Beast before they had the bundle.

I was allowed to download the games I DIDN'T have free. But even in the bundle, it wouldn't allow me to grab the free versions of Streets of Rage 2 and Altered beast because I already paid for it.

lodossrage1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

If you BOUGHT the Borderlands Bundle, then you don't need to update the license.

If you BOUGHT (not got it as a free item), then the license never expires in the first place. Even if you Plus subscription ran out, you'd still be able to play your Borderlands games BECAUSE you bought it (even if it's with a Plus discount).

Edit- My bad, I misread what you said. I didn't realize you had the FREE version of BL first. Now I see your particular issue

Minato-Namikaze1863d ago

Then buy it after the subscription runs out?

ziggurcat1863d ago

@ Minato-Namikaze

"Then buy it after the subscription runs out?"

or just delete the free version before purchasing the paid version...

Gaming1011863d ago

lol wow, people get a good thing and they still complain! We really are the shittiest generation full of entitled brats.

MoveTheGlow1863d ago

Minato has it right: Unless something goes horribly awry with the Playstation Store, if you really want a perpetually-licensed title, just wait until you don't have PS Plus anymore, and then just purchase the game.

"But what if the Playstation Store stops being supported, and all the ability to purchase goes away?"

You'll get sufficient warning, and then you can work with customer service. No big deal.

But for a small games review site to whine about free games they got being perpetually licensed? And having to slog through customer service? They don't care. You're not their target market. You help, but there aren't tens of millions of you out there.

TriangleOffense1863d ago

Agree + Bubble.

I had this same Argument awhile back with Morgan Haro from Playstation. My issue wasnt with the fact that they gave me the game for free x amount of months ago it was that now that there is a giant discount on it I wanted to purchase the game and because I have it in my download history from PS+ I can only do so if I log onto a diffrent account, which even then if that account doesnt have plus im missing out on the discount anyway. There are some issues with plus especially with the quality of the content here in the US but those are all things that can be dealt with because honestly who is going to complain about a "free" game. The biggest issues are in the background of the service and this is probably right at the top

No FanS Land1862d ago

I don't even get this problem. I originaly got the first borderlands free in september and I bought the bundle this week-end with no hassle. I don't see the problem.

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Gaming_Guru1863d ago

At: GribbleGrunger

I agree with you completely, I understand the frustration of trying to own a game digitally that is up for grabs for PS+ subscribers when being a member blocks that purchase. The purchase while being a member would defeat the purpose of the subscription.

It's like being a member to a gym to get access to the gym equipment than trying to buy the gym equipment from the fitness club. The whole point of being a member is so that you come for the equipment, it would defeat the purpose of the membership. What would be the incentive to keep the membership?

Whether they change this down the road is another thing; but you can't have your cake and eat it too.

GribbleGrunger1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Jesus, I feel so terrible that I actually got a 'well said' for my first post. I misinterpreted the article guys lol

But thanks nevertheless

andibandit1863d ago

The hive mind, does not care about the truth.

Nitrox1863d ago

Lol, just the fact that you took the time to write something like this tells me you deserved the bubs up :)

tiffac0081863d ago

Do not worry Grib it takes a lot of character to actually admit when you made a mistake and feel terrible about it.

As for the article, I am thankful someone wrote about this. In some ways this could defeat the purpose of PS+ since its main motive is to get those people who hasn't purchased the games to try them and then buy into the franchise.

Not being able to get a permanent version automatically after purchasing it because you had a PS+ freebie before, can deter some people because they just don't want the hassle.

_FantasmA_1863d ago

I can't stand those people over on the US Blog that whine all day about how they didn't get the game they wanted or that they should get a refund. Really? Who are you that we should care about you? People think Plus is a personalized service for them, not thinking that its for everyone and tries to bring out games in every genre. If you get a game for free from Plus that you just bought, so what. Trade in or sale your retail copy, or just keep it in case. I mean you guys are getting games for free pretty much so you don't even have room to complain.

showtimefolks1863d ago

What people are forgetting is PSN:Plus is still a fairly new service, I expect huge improvements with ps4 from day one

Anyone who has picked the ps3 day one knows how far Sony has brought from PSN from than to now. At least Sony gigs back for what you pay for and I can't say the same for xblive which we just pay for just to play online

PSN:plus isn't perfect service but its agreat service where things stands now and will see improvements in future.


1863d ago
FamilyGuy1862d ago

You read this completely wrong. He's saying that if he buys the bundle and then let's his ps+ subscription end he'll lose what he purchased because the ps store doesn't remove the expiration license and continues to believe to to be a free ps+ game rather than a purchased one.

PS+ lapse and you lose something you paid for because of this confusion. That argument is entirely justifiable.

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Gimmemorebubblez1863d ago

My only problem is if I buy Sleeping Dogs for example and then a month after I purchased it, it arrives on Plus. Other than that tiny, insignificant gripe I think Ps+ is incredible value for money.

IRetrouk1863d ago

I have owned quite a few of the ps+ games that have been given out and still think its worth the money, plus the service has give me some games that i would not have tried otherwise.

Rask1863d ago

So true. I'm playing Vanquish, that i got from Plus, and i'm absolutely loving it. If i was not a Plus subscriber, i probably would never play this awesome game, as it never got my attention.

Why o why1863d ago

Yep, Dantes Inferno for me, clone for sure but still enjoyable

SavageKuma1863d ago

It keeps you in the system. I enjoy PS+ a lot more than live because you get something out of it. Actually feeling like a plus member is great, however I just needed to upgrade my hard drive for all the free content. It feels worth it in the end to me.

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