Ten things you need to know about The Bourne Conspiracy - IGN

Sierra recently held a press event for The Bourne Conspiracy in Sydney. Alongside rides in Mini Coopers and fight scenes IGN were able to go hands-on with the game and take part in a Q&A with Emmanuel Valdez, Chief Creative Officer of High Moon Studios. Since the US guys recently published their hands-on, IGN decided to take a slightly different tack, and bring you ten things you need to know about the game, straight from Emmanuel himself.

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LinuxGuru3720d ago

I swear to God, this game better be good, or it'll be the LAST movie game I ever play in my life.

This is the last straw.

kingme713720d ago

I honestly think having Matt Damon would have been a negative. It would have felt too much like a movie game and would have had that stigma attached. Now, if it still stinks like a typical movie game...