Ubisoft Montreal CEO: next-gen consoles will blur all the lines and create new ways to play

Guardian - With over 2000 staff and a range of triple A games, Ubisoft Montreal is one of the largest and consistently most interesting mainstream developers in the world. Currently working on the cyberpunk-fuelled conspiracy adventure, Watch Dogs, as well as the long-running Assassin's Creed and Far Cry series' it will be fascinating to see what this place does with the next generation consoles.

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1953d ago
Jek_Porkins1953d ago

Looking forward to getting my hands on some of these next gen games and consoles of course.

imXify1953d ago

If I ever get to work at Ubisoft in Montreal after I finish my 3D animation degree it will be a real challenge for me :P

Septic1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

This part of the interview is quite reassuring:

Question: And I guess it's important though that your games are never about technology - that they instead use technology as a creative springboard?

Answer: "Absolutely. And you know, we're all game designers - the engineers are game designers, the level creators are game designers, the programmers are game designers. It's all about the mindset."

A far cry (excuse the pun) from Crytek's philosophy where technology comes first and everything second.

greedybear881953d ago

"I would suspect that the audience is ready" (for always online consoles)... I disagree. I like to be able to turn off and on a machine when I want to. That's all about free will and also saving electricity. If it is true that with the next Xbox it needs to be online to play even offline games then that is just awful and if so Microsoft is massively shooting themselves in their own feet. I'm not a Playstation fanboy as I don't have a PS3 and do have a Xbox360 but I resent how Microsoft make you pay a monthly subscription to play online when you can do it on the PS3 for free. I'm gonna get a PS4 next gen...

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