Saints Row 2: New Screenshots + Info ( OXM Magazine )

1. Homies in run down crib "hang with your gang in your upgraded cib"
2. Helcopter "Helicopter control is one of the attractions of SR2"
3. Rocket Launcher Chick "You only get away with pants like those if you're
carrying a bazooka"
4. Cops held Hostage "The rival gangs aren't your only enimies"
5. Red shirted guy with face tattoos "You can customize your own look. No matter how ridiculous"
6. Monster Tuck " Excuse me sir, we think you've over-inflated your tyres"
7. Helcopter city background "Stilwater has grown 45 per cent since"
8. White suit green shirt "White suits and Hawaiian shirts are all the rage stillwater this season"
9. Guys with beer in updated crib "New crib. Same diamond white drinking game"
10.Guy with skull cane green clothes "Miniature-skulled walking sticks are soooooooo last season"
11. Beat up car below bridge "Thanks to a new game engine all manner of vehicles are accesable"

For the scans, click on Story Images.


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Hydrollex3753d ago

Saints Row 1 was 7.8 GB

how this is gonna fit onto 9GB ?

SUP3R3753d ago

Saints Row 2 is coming to both the PS3 and 360?
Cuz the scans from the magazine says "360 Exclusive".
I'm just trying to find out why it's in the PS3 section if it's a 360 exclusive.

zane5473753d ago

If you read the first scan it says "Xbox 360 official magazine exclusive" that simply means OXM is bringing a preview not seen anywhere else, journo terming.

ChrisGTR13753d ago

does anyone even care about this game? its just a sanandreas ripoff gone bad.

Sayai jin3753d ago

Not really and plus it gives people other options.

Filanime033753d ago

Nice details but the new GTA IV will be better especially the new releases 15 multiplayer online mode. Sorry saints row u pick the wrong year to be release there is only one sandbox game that will sell for over 10 million copies this year and that is GTA IV.

zane5473753d ago

If there is room for multiple RPG's on the market at one time, then there is room for multiple open-world games too. Even if this game does not sell like GTA, it can still be a success in its own right.

aplusjimages3753d ago

There are several sandbox games coming out this year that will most likely do very well: APB (this is going to be fun online) and Prototype (this will most likely have a great single player).

My biggest problem with SR is that part 1 had so many bugs online and in campaign. Hopefully SR2 will be debugged before it ships.

Sayai jin3753d ago

I think most can agree we all can not wait for GTA 4, this article is not about GTA 4, its about SR2. In fact the original SR did fairly well its first time out.