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Amazing Optical Illusion, Using A Single GIF, Takes You On A Journey To BioShock's Rapture

Kotaku - OK, so given the nature of this trick, you could use it for anything. Pictures of whales. Or Sealab. But the post in question used it for the first BioShock, and that's about the best use I can think of. (BioShock, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Snookies12  +   450d ago
Man that's trippy...
jb1276  +   450d ago
hellz yea.. don't even need drugs to enjoy this... just to enhance it XD
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   450d ago
When will kotaku be banned? I mean, HHG was banned and he actually submitted news from time to time..
TekoIie  +   450d ago
You didnt think that was pretty cool?

Kotaku post some pretty shoddy stuff but this I like.
Mounce  +   449d ago
When will people who obsessively whine about every Kotaku article be banned?

Sketchy_Galore  +   450d ago
Damn this site just gets all the scoops. I can't wait for the 'spin round real fast then look at this screenshot of The last of us and marvel at how it seems to move across the room' or the 'Say Watch dogs over and over until it starts to sound like weird nonsense'. Seriously guys, keep me posted on this exciting stuff.
14Feb-R  +   450d ago
It gave me headache. The eyes just memories it for few seconds. It's like looking at the lamb for 30 seconds. When you look away you will still see it and when you look at something during that you will see the light infront and the the thing you look at is behind the light. Exactly the same.. Gonna vote this website down for giving me a headache but good trick..
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