Rivet Wars: Turning universe creation on its head

EuroGamer - Deep inside Ted Terranova's head, he is scattering pins across a vast map of the world. "I was so excited that people in Japan and Singapore, in England, France and Germany, all over the planet, they'd all ordered these toys." he says. "It was just amazing that somewhere in all these countries there was one of my toys sitting on somebody's shelf. That blows me away." He pauses. Over Skype, I swear I can hear a creak as he leans back in his chair, taking it all in. "I'm just this dude that made these things. I don't want to sound corny, but it's really touching that someone sees value in the stuff I'm doing - when I'm just doing it mostly for myself because I think it's cool. The fact that other people think it's cool - cool enough to, like, buy into it? That's the biggest compliment."

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