GTA V Graphics: Promotional Screenshots Vs Gameplay Trailer

Techtorial: Debates are now spurring if the promotional images for GTA V looked too good compared on how the game will actually appear based from the trailers. Here's a comparison.

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Ezz20131832d ago

i will still buy it
GTA games are not about GFX ...they are about having fun
but i will say this though
when the game come out on pc
mods will make it look life-like

pupunoob1831d ago

Hopefully it's better than GTA4. The last one didn't do it for me and I found Sleeping Dogs and Saints Row 3 to be better. Can't wait to play it on my PC.

Da Ill One1832d ago

Probably because the trailers have all been shown on a high end PC and not consoles.

Fishy Fingers1831d ago

Yup, probably rendered at a higher resolution and perhaps a few post processing effects.

And like Ezz said above, for most people GTA sets the benchmark for fun, not visuals. That goes for me too and I'm a graphics whore :)

TheSuperior 1831d ago

I am already in love with GTA V! :)

1831d ago