Microsoft Xbox 720 to have omni-spatial gesture and Glasses-Free 3D UI

The US software giant has developed a unique User Interface which will let users enjoy a 3D experience with wearing any glasses. The system is based on an advanced Omni-spatial Gesturing input mechanism.

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Snookies121585d ago

This doesn't actually come with the 720 though... Right? I mean, if so that would be awesome. Though I'm pretty sure it said this was for all sorts of devices and wasn't specifically for the 720.

3-4-51585d ago

So basically Microsoft is including all the stuff we DON'T want into a next gen console.

* 3DS already has this tech and I love my 3DS but never use it. It's almost gimick.

* Nobody outside of maybe 200 small children actually want Kinect 2.0

We are going to have to pay for purchase the new box.

I'd rather them think outside the box.

SephirothX211585d ago

199 small children. Get it right dammit!

SJPFTW1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

I dont even want Kinect but it does gives developers options. Skyrim, Mass Effect and especially FIFA and Madden integrates Kinect well into the experience granting greater immersion

but obviously Fanboys can't think outside of the box. and obviously a facebook-esque profile page on the PS4 that forces you to use your real name is obviously what gamers want in their next gen system *rolls eyes*

@BrunoM. Another gimmick that adds nothing to the core experience so excited

BrunoM1585d ago

SJP I see what your "trying" to say but very poor job at it and as far as you HAVING to use your real name on the new ps4 UI that's a lie even them selfs said If you wanna keep using you user name and avatar you can as easly do that ..

But hey fanboys and haters will hate

malokevi1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Its odd, the people whom assuming makes an ass of...

I can't wait to get my hands on the new Kinect. Didn't go for it this gen. but with universal inclusion with every Xbox and improved hardware, I'm looking forward to great things.

Not to mention I'll never need a freekin XboxLive microphone again, because I can just yell at my Xbox... :D

If they can manage 3d without glasses on massive HD TVs, my jaw will drop and I will subsequently jump for joy. But, somehow that feels like a rumour to me... I'll believe it when i see it.

Anyone who doesn't see the potential in this thing is suffering from serious tunnel vision.

Edit: ohhh i see its just for the UI. STILL that would be so cool flipping through a 3d menu, sans glasses, with a flick of my hand.... bwahahahaha!

edit again: "a 3D experience with wearing any glasses.".... and this is why the article lacks credibility.

Qrphe1585d ago

"3DS already has this tech"

If this were to be true, the 3DS wouldn't have this tech at all. The 3DS works off a the limited parallax barrier effect, something that would never work on a living room TV.

3-4-51585d ago

whoa...You guys want 3D ?

You want Kinect ?

I'll stick to solid story, gameplay and a cool art style over 3D and kinect any day.

4me21585d ago


".... PS4 that forces you to use your real name is obviously what gamers want in their next gen system *rolls eyes*"

Facebook integration is optional, NOT forcing you to share your name with everybody, and is only visible to to your friends.

DOMination-1585d ago

And just like that, 80% of people on n4g claim 3D is terrible and pretend they always thought it was a gimick!

Ps. This is one rumour i really cannot believe

andibandit1585d ago


sad but true

xbox gets:

3D --- I WANT 2D!!
Vibrant colors --- I WANT BLACK AND WHITE!!
Amazing graphics --- I WANT TEXT BASED GAMES!!!

Urusernamesucks1585d ago

What the hell, is the matter with you?

you use to be all about the xbox, but now, man your just disgracefull. So you think that by kissing sony's ass you youll fit in better here, its not worth it man. Even if all your saying is realy meant, there are BETTER things than games.I LOVE GAMES btw and anything else is like frosting to that.

Dont take this personaly btw, this goes to all those ex-fanboys such as Marcus_Phoenix.

ShinMaster1585d ago

to create a faux 3D effect? Sounds plausible.

You're ridiculous.

UnholyLight1585d ago

Always good to say no to something like Kinect 2 when you don't know what it's potential capabilities are.

Some people don't want 4k TV..well guess what, such is the way of the future, new things will be developed and become more commonplace.

Too bad for you!

sikbeta1585d ago


Dude, talk for yourself, if you didn't try it, how you know don't want it? how you can be sure it's not some great feature that can change the way you interact with the console...

ziggurcat1585d ago


"but obviously Fanboys can't think outside of the box. and obviously a facebook-esque profile page on the PS4 that forces you to use your real name is obviously what gamers want in their next gen system *rolls eyes* "

where are you getting your information from? because that's not even remotely true/accurate.

your attempt at trolling is a pretty big fail.

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Jessika_S1584d ago

I call bullshit on glasses free 3D only because all 3D content is Glasses free if you have a Glasses free Monitor or Television. You cannot implement 3D in a Non 3D tv, so you can't turn a non glasses free tv into one.

CommonSense1584d ago

Sony is bringing Move to PS4, i don't see anyone complaining about that.

What is with the insane double standard on this site?

Tr10wn1584d ago

lol 200 small childrens, i have 0 interest on kinect but im not stupid enough to think only a handful of people like kinect, go to the mall and you see a bunch of people playing kinect go to a party and the one thing playing on the tv is a kinect, that thing sold more than 24 millions units now you do the math.

3D is a gimick it self you just lost it there but there is always way to improve a gimick and it is by eliminating those stupid glasses, and again you must be really stupid if you think MS will put a 3DS style of glassless technology on their console especially when its meant to be played on HD.

Sony fanboys are extremely ignorant this year i mean they never seen beyond N4G this is their place but wow you must be a retard to think that kinect is pointless, an add-on to a console that sold millions... come on.

inveni01584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

First of all, glasses-free 3D is display dependent. The Xbox 720 may be 3D capable, but without the display to support it, "no 3D for you". Perspective shifting using head tracking IS NOT 3D.

Mr_Writer851584d ago


Sony is bringing Move to PS4, i don't see anyone complaining about that.

What is with the insane double standard on this site?

That would be a valid point, if the following points couldnt be made.

- Move is still a controller
- Its optional

Now the first point Kinect cant change. But people are reacting to the news Kinect WONT be optional, until its confirmed its is. Then you may have a point.

But until then its not really double standards is it?

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TAURUS-5551585d ago

3D glasses...seriously MS..seriously...that 3D thing is useless and ridiculous.

Urusernamesucks1585d ago

Ah comon, you know its cool.;p

DonFreezer1584d ago Show
SilentNegotiator1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Why would the console itself have specifically "Glasses-Free 3D" built in? Would it not have 3D in general and the TV itself would mean glasses-free or not?

This rumor reeks of made-up-ness.


I don't think it's any kind of stereo-image that's usually marketed as 3D now a days, but a kind of head tracking, making it possible to move around to perceive third dimension... Something like Desktop VR displays, all you need is a camera (and Kinect already can track your head, it's just a metter of coding really).

It can have pretty good results but the best is when you combine both the head tracking and stereo-images. Stuff really seens to come out of the screen.

braydox211584d ago

i think a better thing to add-on would be those tv glasses, i don't know what they are called but i saw them at the EB games expo on the xbox, and i they were like normal glasses and you put them on and its like when you use binoculers (just without the maginification effect) playing halo reach, it was pretty cool, so maybe a gimmick like that would be better then this 3D stuff.

p.s if anyone knows anything about these glasses wether they are being sold or not, please tell me im thinking about buying myself a set hopefully they work on ps3.

SilentNegotiator1584d ago


If that's the sort of thing that they meant then calling it "glasses free" makes zero sense and sounds like it's coming from someone that has no idea what they're talking about.

Either way, this rumor sounds made up.

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Gamer19821584d ago

Glasses free 3D still requires a spaecial glass if it was possible without the glass then we wouldn't need 3D tv's for 3D.

Droid Control1584d ago

Well I don't like Kinect and 3D. I think they are both gimmicks. I'm more interested in resolution and frame rate. I'd rather M$ use their money and invest in in kick-ass hardware solutions like Sony has with the PS4.

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The_Infected1585d ago

Sound a pretty awesome. So the UI want look like widows 8? I hope this is true I hate the Metro look.

famoussasjohn1585d ago

Isn't the UI in Windows 8..Metro? The square tiles and such. Those are already there for the current Xbox dashboard.

princejb1341585d ago

But the UI in 360 is actually very appealing to look at
In the other hand metro from windows 8 is ugly and so dull

malokevi1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

I'm sure they will keep up the high-customizability. Microsoft has really done a great job of refining the dashboard this gen. I doubt they will toss all of that out the window in favour of some ugly dark blue explorer Windows8-style dash.