Kirby's Adventure Wii U Virtual Console Trailer

The next featured virtual console game in Nintendo’s 30 cent virtual console sale promotion is Kirby’s Adventure for the NES. Kirby’s Adventure will be available for Wii U owners in April for 30 cents and like previous Wii U virtual console games, it will be playable on the TV and solely on the Wii U gamepad.

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1upgamer991948d ago

Such a fun game. I wish they would do some graphical enhancements though. It would be fun to have at least a 32bit upgrade on the graphics, and include the original graphics as an option.

ChickeyCantor1948d ago

I think they already did a remake of the original. But these are virtual console games. It's not about remakes.

PopRocks3591948d ago

The only VC game I can think of that counts as a rerelease as oppose to a port would be a Capcom fighting game (maybe a Street Fighter game) due to the inclusion of online multiplayer. Usually these games don't receive any updates which is unfortunate. If anything I would have liked to see performance upgrades on games like Zelda OoT and Star Fox 64.

1upgamer991948d ago

Your right about the VC, but I did not know they did remake the original.

ChickeyCantor1948d ago


Crappy thing is they make "specific" emulators for each game which makes no sense. They could easily add a module for a specific platform and just run the roms on them.

Due to the included emulator the games are also bigger than just the Rom.

Emulators on pc come with all these features they could easily include in their emulator. Like you said, such as online play.

Even Dolphin has been upgraded on its netcode and playing melee( yes melee too) or brawl over internet is actually BETTER than the official play.

PopRocks3591948d ago

There really is no excuse for that. If anything that entire system seems completely counterproductive. There's no reason an official release should function so poorly when compared with illegal means of playing video games.

LKHGFDSA1948d ago

"But these are virtual console games"
they don't have to be, though.

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SolidStoner1948d ago

wow, what a game... these graphics make BF4 look like super mario! I hope it has 64 player multiplayer..

Neonridr1948d ago

were you even born yet when this game came out in 1993? Or are you just a product of the CoD system?

Nevers0ft1948d ago

Couldn't put it better myself, Kirby was a damned fine looking game back in 1993 and although I haven't played it in 15+ years I bet the gameplay still holds up today.

SolidStoner1948d ago

It was a joke jeeeezzz...

anyway.. what it was it dosnt matter... we have to move on!

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jakmckratos1948d ago

Is it actually worth getting excited over the release of an old game that's been re-released on so many other consoles?

Rockefellow1948d ago

It's a fun, nostalgic game that can be had for 30 cents. I'm certainly grabbing it, and I'll try to beat it all in one siting like I used to back in the day.

PopRocks3591948d ago

For $.30 heck yeah it is.

TechnicianTed1948d ago


Maybe they should make it HD and charge $20 for it aye?

guitarded771948d ago

Can't wait to download this week... 30 cents is worth every penny. I just wish they'd add widescreen mode, and a trophy/achievements system. And before anyone gets all butthurt bent out of shape, these are my wants... get over it.

Neonridr1948d ago

Can't wait for next month, SUPER METROID! These 30 cent games are certainly a steal. F-Zero was a must get, as was Punch Out. I will definitely pick this one up too.

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