90-year-old grandmother gets her eyeballs on an Oculus Rift VR set.

And just like that, the whole planet became gamer.

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Snookies121802d ago

Lol, more power to her then. :]

FlameBaitGod1801d ago

LOL when she said "and am I still sitting where i was"

zeee1801d ago

This is far less gimmicky than all those Kinect/Move/Wii motion controls. This is what can actually make a huge difference in not only game play but also the depth of player's immersion levels.

I am very optimistic about this technology and I hope that it won't cost a fortune and that developers will actually support this tech including the platform creators such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

This seems like the next logical step in the gaming world.

I so wanted to get the Sony Personal 3D Viewer but it lacks the features the Oculus Rift already supports plus, the price is a lot more than I am willing to pay for.

I really, really hope Sony, MS and Nintendo will support Oculus Rift! Imaging playing our favorite games INSIDE that game world... *dreams away*

inveni01800d ago

Now THAT'S an advertisement.

1801d ago
BullyMangler1802d ago

Oculus Rift VR set = Duck Hunt

SnakeCQC1801d ago

can't wait until it comes out

1801d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.