Have Australian retail stores broken street date on Injustice?

Steve Wright writes, "Our sources are saying yes.

"An anonymous source has told that JB Hi-Fi stores in Canberra have lead the charge, first offering Injustice: Gods Among Us to consumers. A call to a local Melbourne CBD JB Hi-Fi has also confirmed that an Injustice Collector’s Edition pre-order is now available for pick-up."

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R00bot1837d ago

The official EB games facebook page just posted about how you can get it NOW.

Mutant-Spud1837d ago

They also send out text messages to EB world members when pre-orders are ready, I remember getting Skyrim and Dead Island early, not by much though, from memory it was the day before the official release.

Evil_Ghosty1837d ago

Yup, I was told to start selling it today at work. (JB HIFI)

SnakeCQC1837d ago

isnt it out tomorrow? most games can be acquired a day early

sprinterboy1837d ago

Who cares if Australia have broken street date, is this really news now, wow.

Heisenburger1837d ago

Geez Louise man....
This is a video game news site. Would you rather the 'X' is doomed articles? :)