GameSpot reviews flOw

FlOw didn't start out as a PlayStation 3 game, but Sony's console is definitely where it garnered the most attention after being made available as a download early last year. The game's simplistic, stylized visuals made it an unlikely showpiece for the PS3, but its inventive and undemanding gameplay coupled with effective use of the Sixaxis' motion controls made it a good option for early PS3 adopters looking to show off their new toy. The downloadable PSP version of flOw doesn't add anything new over the PS3 version, but it's a great fit for the handheld and certainly worth a look if you haven't played the game already.

The Good
* Stylish visuals
* Uncomplicated controls
* There's nothing else quite like it.

The Bad
* Multiplayer is pointless and laggy
* Only takes two or three hours to play through.

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GutZ313661d ago

I thought it was agreed that we would not be speaking of gamespot anymore...

move along nothing to see here!

Chubear3661d ago

I mean what would it take for the community to simply disregard this site? Do we really see revieweres as gods now no matter if they've been caught red handed manipulating the community? Sheez!

Electronic Arts3661d ago

GS is always giving biased reviews to the PS3

They gave ratchet a 7.5!!!!!!!!!!

and they gave resistance 8.5!!!!!

mintaro3661d ago

actually 8.5 is right around the average of 8.67 so you cant really fault them there, plus after all a review is indeed an opinion

then again......there review of RC was kind of uhh how u say.....BS