PSXE Poll Update: Sony Fans Would Hate An “Always-On” PS4

There’s a rumor going around that the new Xbox will be an “always-on” machine; i.e., users will have to be connected to the Internet at all times to play games (even those that aren’t being played online).

When the PSXE community was asked how they would respond to an “always-on” PlayStation 4, the results were pretty decisive- Most would just hate it. And that might in turn affect their ultimate purchase decision.

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GamersRulz1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

anyone would hate an always online console. nobody wants restrictions. I believe that neither PS4 or Xbox720 would require an always on system, at least not the way I think "always-on" means.

AkatsukiPain1866d ago

You would be surprised how many xbox fans dont really care if the rumours were true or not. Ive seen number of them say it doesn't bother them at all. I think the majority of them are the ones who play on xbl all the time.

Bathyj1866d ago

They say that, cos theyre loyal to their brand, but no one seriously wants that.

It might have benefits for publishers or console manufacturers, but I fail to see any for gamers, and even if you could dream up some, if would still not be worth it.

For this reason and for the amount of backlash a manufacturer would get, I dont believe its ever gonna happen and never have, at least not in the PS4/XB3 gen.

SITH1866d ago

Agree but not only that, if this was announced for the PS4, Sony fans would claim it to be the law of the land and embrace it with open arms. There is a myth Xbox gamers are butt hurt about this and evident a specific faction wants them to be. My wifi only ipad 2 is always on. I use it more than my Xbox and even while I am on the PC. My Internet connection went down oddly a lot last year but it was all weather related and most times the power was interrupted also, so always on or not I was out of entertainment options beyond my iPhone.. My main concern with the next Xbox are the specs, and games. Not an always going to be on anyway Internet connection. Yet at the same time, the seven minute lost connection plan if true should be scrapped. That is a little extreme.

AkatsukiPain1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )


Yeah I agree but if the rumours are true, I think it will comeback to bite them in the butt.


Im sure specs wont be the problem of the nextbox but I think the new AAA games will be its real problem. I just dont see microsoft investing in many new AAA exclusive ip's. They will have a few but im expecting they will rely more on 3rd party dlc for big games & kinect & the cable offerings & xbl then new AAA exclusives.

Shinra Tensei

RyuCloudStrife1866d ago

Yea and I'm willing to bet they only play CoD and Halo.

Army_of_Darkness1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

@SITH- " if this was announced for the PS4, Sony fans would claim it to be the law of the land and embrace it with open arms."

A single player "offline" campaign is something I will always NEED. Get it right.

Why o why1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

SITH. For the last time. My wifi ipad is always on. If I'm travelling and have no net connection, I still want to be able to play my games and I can. Admittedly what I'm saying is based on the rumour what always online is so its speculation about speculation but if it IS like the diablo type always online then thats NOT cool.

From the 2 camps I feel the xbox crowd are the ones who are more receptive to things others would moan more about. Droves of 360 fans defended and deflected from rrod like some of their own fans were just talking nonsense whilst blaming sony fans for making a mountain out of a molehill (look how that transpired). Also take note of the response the pc fans made when ms tried to charge for online. 360 fans showed again they'll take it. Pc fans said no thanks get lost and ms was left with no choice and dropped the fees

MS upped the price of live and some did moan quietly because saying anything against 'the best' online experience is a loss of face...madness. I folded too so dont get me wrong but I felt I had no choice as the 360 is the only device that can play sky player and I'm a virgin customer without the sports package. Ive not accepted the ps4 wont be able to play ps3 games....thats a piss take even though some of us will make excuses I still think its wrong. No way will I be repurchasing games or another ps3 if my current one dies.

The slow down on ips and games towards the end of this gen is another example. (insert excuse for ms here) Ive heard a few......for a multi million/billion dollar organisation by their own customers.

I respect the pc crowd for the fact they stand up more for their principles. Collectively us console gamers just fold and make excuses, myself included. We need to firm up because 'if you give em an inch...... they WILL take a mile

Hozi1866d ago

They won't really know how shitty "always on" is until they lose their internet connection, and that would be the responsibility of their ISP. Not MS.

GribbleGrunger1865d ago

SITH, I'll guarantee that those 360 fans that are not at all bothered by always online access to the internet. In fact I'll guarantee you that anyone without the internet won't like this notion at all ... Daring of me, no?

famoussasjohn1865d ago

While I am always connected to XBL when I turn on my Xbox, my internet connection has been pretty reliable. But if for whatever reason my internet goes out, I'd still like to be able to fall back on playing games offline. I just don't see them ever rendering the console as a paperweight if my internet isn't working properly.

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Knight_Crawler1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Has anyone stopped to think that always is on is in regards to the Xbox mini since its suppose to compete with Apple and Google TV.

I almost certain that MS wont make it that you cannot play single player games off-line.

Oh well we can all sit here and comment on rumors but the fact still remains that we know nothing about the NextBox, not even the name.

GamersRulz1866d ago

there is a floating rumor on Vgleaks that said Durango will support offline play and used games, and all the confusion was caused because of the new Xbox360Mini ( DVR+no disc drive) that MS will announce alongside the Durango.

DOMination-1866d ago

There was an article from Kotaku the other day on N4G which everbody ignored saying that Sony had said its leaving always on drm up to publishers and Ubi already confirmed AC4 and Watchdogs will use this "feature" on PS4.

tiffac0081865d ago

I believe the PS3 already has games with "Always-On". So this is nothing new.

But having an "Always-On" console that could very well affect all the features, apps and games that does not require this would be another matter altogether.

Godmars2901866d ago

Everyone would hate an always on console.

Why do we have to have this repeated fanboy endorsement bulls**t?

ZodTheRipper1866d ago

Always-on would be even worse than always-online!!! :O

InMyOpinion1866d ago

We don't even know how the next Xbox will be "always on".

humbleopinion1866d ago

And even funnier: we know that the PS3 won't be always on - it was confirmed. So why would someone bother to take that poll among Sony fans?

Unless of course they consider the backwards comparability aspect: with the acquisition of Gaikai, it's pretty certain that PS3 games will not only require always on because they stream the game, but will probably also incur subscription costs.

Max-Zorin1866d ago

Always online would suck regardless of system.

punisher991866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

"PSXE Poll Update: Sony Fans Would Hate An “Always-On” PS4"

You've gotta be a down right fool to even support such a feature. There is a saying, if you dont stand for something, you'll fall for anything. And the xbox crowd needs to fight this and not defend it whether its a rumor or not.

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