Neko Entertainment on Reimagining Kung Fu Rabbit for Wii U -

Jayden Williams at writes: "Following the success of Puddle on the Wii U eShop, French developer/publisher Neko Entertainment is gearing up to release their second game onto Nintendo's fledging digital store, Kung Fu Rabbit.

Neko announced last week Kung Fu Rabbit will launch on the European and Australian eShop this week (April 18), with a US release sometime later."

Kung Fu Rabbit originally was developed as a mobile based and utilised both touchscreen controls and in-game purchases to unlock various items and upgrades. Suffice to say, the folks at Neko fell in love with the game and decided to bring it to Nintendo Wii U for a brand new audience."

To find out a little more, also to gauge what's in the bustling company's future, Aussie-Gamer sat once more with Neko's Quality Assurance manager Sébastien Chipot-Delys, accompanied by Managing Director Laurent Lichnewsky and Benjamin Cestac from the marketing team."

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