NHL 14 First Screenshot Released

The NHL ice hokey series for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are back with the fourteen game, NHL 14. There's basically no information about this upcoming sports title, however Electronics Arts released today the first screenshot.

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Avalanche1895d ago

If EA refuses to make a Vita version then i will boycott this game.

SenyUni1895d ago

As far as I've heard it will be out for PS3 and Xbox360 only.

Soldierone1895d ago

I'm not so much as "boycotting" it as I am planning to buy it on Vita. No Vita, then I'll wait till its less than 60 dollars to get it.

mcstorm1895d ago

I might pick this game up over Fifa this year as I still have NHL2K10 so about time I update my NHL game but I do miss the 2K NHL games.

Halochampian1895d ago

2k hockey games were just too arcady for my liking. The turbo button was over the top

mcstorm1895d ago

I found EA hockey games to alike and I did not like the change of controls with the analog stick that's why I got the 2K games but its each to there own. Plus ive not had a NHL game for 4 years ish now so a new one for me would be worth it.

Halochampian1895d ago

EA nhl has gotten better the past 4 years. The acceleration def adds a lot to it. You can actually see fatigue in players also which is a nice touch

Iltapalanyymi1895d ago

so uh, basically the same game as last year, but with better GRAFFIX, new soundtrack, new players and new arenas.

woo fucking hoo.

Halochampian1895d ago

Better hit collision (fifa engine)
New fighting (using fight night)
New deking system
New iteration on acceleration from last year.
Over 1000 New animations.

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