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Thanks to bad server problems and a lack of genuine gameplay and presentation, Defiance feels more like an MM-no than an MMO.

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Heisenburger1895d ago

Stopped reading at MM-no.

This game is the perfect co-op game for me and my roommate.

aLucidMind1895d ago

4 is a bit low; a 6 sounds about right as it is merely an above-average game at the moment that, due to it being able to have massive updates because of it being an MMO, can eventually be raised to a 7 or 8 if the right moves are done.

GamerEuphoria1895d ago

Seems a bit harsh. We've went for a more MMO friendly way to review...well MMOs

Themba761895d ago

Im startin to wonder should I even rent this game or should I just use that reserved GF slot for the new dead Island game. I know one thing If it starts to average a 5.9 I'm removing from the list.

xPhearR3dx1895d ago

Don't listen to these reviews. The game is a ton of fun. Sure, it doesn't have the best graphics around and the weapons aren't as in depth as I'd like, but overall it's a VERY fun game. Seeing how there's no subscription, I'd suggest renting it. You just might be surprised. There's a ton of content to be had here.

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The story is too old to be commented.