The Mid Point: Defiance

Gamer Euphoria writes:

''*This is the second entry into our run down of Defiance. This feature is mainly produced instead of a review, as MMOs take months to play through and fairly review. Opening Hours normally tracks the initial first five or so hours of the game.

My first few hours of Defiance had been rather one note. Sure the gameplay was solid, and shooting things was fun, but the quests never really changed. Most MMOs are always slow in the first few hours, but now I’m 15 hours in, and my views on Defiance have changed.

The quests simply never change. Go here, pick this thing up and go to this point. Shoot these guys, defend this NPC while shooting more guys. That’s pretty much the basic outline of every quest. Every so often a quest will throw a mini boss at the player, but they aren’t too hard to defeat. This is where Defiance truly starts to divide opinions. The repetitive nature of each side mission and story mission will make or break the players enjoyment. Playing through these quests alone is mind numbing, so numbing that I forgot what I was doing at times. The only way the quests are ever enjoyable/bearable are when they played through with a friend , or another player.''

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Axonometri1947d ago

Hopefully the plan was and is to add more interesting quests/missions post show launch.

Most importantly, they can listen and alter things going forward. I am having fun already. Post show launch should bring new things.

GamerEuphoria1947d ago

It feels like the game was launched in a bare bones format, which I assume was to meet the airing of the show. I too hope they just build on a strong foundation set, well talk about that more in our final entry on the game later in the week :)