ZombiU: The Unsung Hero Of 2012

Gamer Euphoria writes:

''While the Wii U may be faltering on a number of fronts, I have still had some of the best recent video game experiences on the console. Oddly the newest system on the market managed to recreate some nostalgia, and I’m not talking about Mario.''

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Jadedz1890d ago

Capcom doesn't make the zombie title people want, though Ubisoft does, and a decent populous of reviewers/gamers blast it.

Not everything's is perfect, though when you're comparing this title to Capcom's offerings; it's like night and day.

Linko641890d ago

Welcome to modern day video game players!

Yodagamer1890d ago

That's because while reviewers will cry about resident evil not being resident evil and then they'll complain about games that incorporate things that make good survival horror games for the reasons that make them survival horror.

herbs1890d ago

I honestly wish Ubisoft would have used there resources to port over FarCry 3 for Wii U instead of making this low budget ok game.

guitarded771890d ago

Not me... I played Far Cry 3 elsewhere, and I got to play Zombie U too. If they had taken the resources to port FC3, I would have only got to experience one game... and I enjoyed both.

grassyknoll1890d ago

Every game does have to be a massive blockbuster. The midbudget games are normally the classics: ZombiU, Bayonetta, Dark Souls etc


Zombie U was a very underated game and deserved better reviews. Yes the combat was repetitive but it was what R.E. used to be. True Survival horror! I'd love a sequel with improved combat and open world gameplay.

Neko_Mega1890d ago

My only problem with this game was no support for any controller for single player (just gamepad only).

Other then that, this game was pretty awesome. It was the only title that alot of my friends enjoy on the Wii U.

Jek_Porkins1890d ago

I love the game, needs more weapon variety, sort of like Dead Rising let you use anything as a weapon, and a better story.

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The story is too old to be commented.