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The final chapter in the Dead Space trilogy came to a close this February (or March depending if you played the latest single-player downloadable content), but that hasn’t stopped fans from craving a movie adaptation of the series. Eric, a film undergraduate and future graduate in entertainment business, and founder of Z Pictures has released a live-action trailer for his movie called, Dead Space: Chase to Death. The tone of the trailer is similar to the first entry in the franchise, which is a relief if you thought the series lost its horror elements. Click here to the watch the trailer.In the description of the trailer, Eric hopes the creators of the Dead Space series enjoy the trailer, and thanks them for inspiring the project.

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oNIXo1895d ago

Your username is Army_of_Darkness, and you're calling this video cheesy????

Let's get the hell out of here.

Army_of_Darkness1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

Lame. I suggest you watch the movie before talking shit.

Shadowolf1896d ago

Super Cheesy! I loved the concept but the delivery was quite underwhelming - The Isaac Clark engineer uniform was poorly designed while there needed to be more impressive looking necromorphs to build the tension. I did enjoy the sound effects and the atmosphere a great deal.

Indo1896d ago

Its okay, but not awesome.