With the HD War Over, Why Aren't We Seeing Blu-ray Drives in Apple Computers?

Now that HD DVD is dead and Sony's Blu-ray has apparently won the HD media war, why aren't we seeing Blu-ray drives available as a factory option, at least, for Macintosh computers? I think Steve Jobs is deliberately holding back in a high-stakes gamble for control of HD video distribution.

Apple has been a member of the Blu-ray camp practically since its inception. And remember 2005 -- Apple's "Year of HD," when the company declared allegiance at MacWorld in the company of Sony's chairman. So where are the drives, and what does Apple have to lose by providing them or not?

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decapitator3692d ago

That was a rumor, they have not confirmed nothing yet.

ITR3692d ago

That only said BD drives would coming soon. That could be later this yr or next Jan at MW09' for all we know.
Also Apple always gives options like extra drives to it's Pro users first and then it trickles down to the reg consumer models(iMac and Macbook).

Apple req. the new BD players to be slot loading and slim line for it's laptop lineup.
BD players with trays now cost $200 bucks...imagine the price on a slot loading slim line ver.

gixxxer3692d ago

But Apple only wants small BD drives to fit in laptops which Sony couldn't provide yet, or atleast not in the quality that Apple wanted. But they will get them soon same as Dell and such.

decapitator3692d ago

Am guessing, they are really waiting to see BD boon big before they jump on board. Technically, they have been part of BD since the beginning, they are just waiting for the right time to release something.

Xeikon3692d ago

It would appear Blu-ray is to wanky, even for pretentious Mac users.

eagle213692d ago

Your GT post confirms this buddy. :)

xplosneer3692d ago

That They want to wait till it booms like decap just said above me, and also, they want their new chips to come out to offbalance the extra energy consumed by BluRay drives.

3692d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.