Should 'GOD' be in games?

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Snookies121804d ago

***Disgaea 4 spoiler***

You got to fight a piece of God in Disgaea 4. Thought that was pretty epic...

Bimkoblerutso1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Haha, yeah, that was great.

And what is with all these "should XXX be in games" articles? Why should games be held to a different standard than any other medium?

Obviously, there are games out there that use subjects like violence and sex as an exploitative method to sell games, but as a medium, games should be just as free to explore these kinds of themes as any other medium.

secretcode1804d ago

XXX is already in games. We don't talk about those.

1OddWorld1804d ago

I agree with you. Give me XXX games because I am a man and I like ( . )( . )'s

Now I have to watch out for Adria Richards for my comment is sexist and racist for those are white boobs.

cyguration1804d ago


They're more like grey boobs, but I digress.

Irishguy951804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Whats the difference between Christianity and Greek mythology? It'll be a couple hundred more years until Christianity becomes myth.

Yes Reverent...Christianity is a pretty epic tale all in all...a game about Lucifers rebellion would be particularly epic. An Action RPG set in an open world heaven/ Nom

Reverent1804d ago

The difference is that a large amount of people believe in Christianity. If the mythologies of ancient Greece were still religions of today, you could expect to see a ton of people offended by a lot of crap.

Personally, as a Christian, I don't get offended very easily. In fact, I think Christian "Mythology" is incredibly interesting and would make for some amazing story telling in video games.

1OddWorld1804d ago

Religions are the perfect back drop for games its all make believe.

Religion:Mass delusion

Doesn't that sound like a great game to play. I bet it would be scary as hell.

All puns intended :D

goldwyncq1804d ago

The difference is that 1 out of 3 people in the world is likely to be a Christian.

Sovereign591804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Freedom of speech/expression must include the right to offend. If anyone chooses to believe in something for which there exists absolutely no evidence to support it, that's one thing, but they can't keep playing the "offended" card each time someone challenges them.
Religion within games as a plot device is fine, portrayal of religions in games such as Halo (Covenant religion) and Dead Space (Unitology) accurately shows how horrible acts can (and have throughout the majority of our own real-world history) be committed in the name of {insert god of choice here}.
The real problem is religion snaking its way into education systems not through classes that are intended to educate our youth on mythology and literature, but rather via the science classroom. This is simply reprehensible.

And back to the old "offended" thing...

Mounce1803d ago

What the article title doesn't really say is, WHICH God are they referring to?

Christians' God? Tons of Greek Gods existed....

There is no 'The' God, there are MANY gods.

But to answer its question? God is an interesting CONCEPT. . . . for good storytelling ;) . . . but that's all. So, moves/games should use them as they spice up a good FANTASY. . . that of which may spice up the life of a Game and hopefully not Reality.

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1OddWorld1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Getting a lot of disagrees must be some really PC people getting their feelings hurt.

Insomnia_841804d ago

An imaginary friend on videos games? There's plenty of those already.

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Metamorph931804d ago

Games can do a parody of another game or company without getting in trouble for it, so what's the issue with religion? If you don't like a game, you don't buy it, so where's the problem? Nowhere. If grand theft auto is allowed, religion should be allowed too. Saying no religion allowed in video games is like saying no religion allowed in movies.

Religion will never be outlawed because there are so many religious people in the world. Leave things as they always have been. People have choices. When you start taking things away, there is no diversity or choices anymore.

ATi_Elite1804d ago

Depends if they get Morgan Freeman to do the voice acting!

ExCest1804d ago

Morgan shall always be God in my eyes.

His voice is God itself.

raiden-491804d ago

He would not be an enemy as I couldn't kill such a epic voice. xD

Kratoscar20081804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Nope because people arent prepared for it:

You can kill God (Christian) YHVH in SMT2.

In Strange Journey you kill the Old Testament God of the Material World, the Demiurge.

One of them didnt leave Japan, the other is only recognisable for those who know about SMT 2.

Summons751804d ago

Yeah, the SMT deals heavily in religion but it isn't just one religion. They have a little bit from every religion just about. They handle it very well too.

But your right people can't handle religion being a focus especially if it's god (so and so) is better than (that one over there). Which I can agree that it should be like that. Games shouldn't choose sides, they should be neutral so anyone can play without offense. Game that take a religious or political view (that I've really enjoyed) always make it even where one side says the other is bad but then you see the side you came from is just as bad.