The First FIFA 14 Rumours

FIFA 14 will be the major EA’s release this year. But what we know about the new FIFA ? Right now there is nothing official. Check out the FIFA 14 rumours.

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helghast1021895d ago


It will involve kicking balls, and be very similar to FIFA 13

-End Spoilers-

Heard it here first!

OlgerO1895d ago

And I will still be buying it even though I already have FIFA 13. Im not a smart man.

omi25p1895d ago

I think you meant IDENTICAL to Fifa 13 except the teams will be more up to date.

pompombrum1895d ago

Wrong, identical would probably be a step forward, the devs will be working on adding in some half baked flashy highly marketable features which will further break the game thus making it play even worse than fifa 13.

farhad2k81895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

I'm sorry but do you guys even PLAY FIFA?
I've been playing since FIFA 96 on the N64 and I'd consider my self as an 'above average' player, and making the transition from FIFA 12 to FIFA 13 was actually hard for me. It took me a little while. Just because the graphics of a game looks similar, doesn't mean the gameplay is. Some would say FIFA 13 Ultimate Team has completely changed due to the things they have removed/added.

This post will probably get tons of disagree's, but I've had enough of people saying that FIFA is the same game every year, if you compare FIFA 12 and 13 on the PS3, you would honestly be able to see a huge difference. In fact, if you have both games laying around and have been playing FIFA 13 for the last few months, stick FIFA 12 in and see the difference. It's way less polished, it's like a completely different game to me.

Squall50051895d ago

EA always hype the crap out of it at E3 like its the best new game ever. They discuss the physics and new game modes like they've just reinvented the wheel.. At the end of the day it's Football. You already know exactly what you're going to get. The game could easily just be a £15 DLC to update the teams and tweak the physics and add a game mode. Personally I just can't play the same game year after year. I would go insane.

I also have a Fifa 15 prediction. It's going be Football with slightly better graphics and physics.

sourav931895d ago

I actually find FIFA 13 easier than FIFA 12.

farhad2k81894d ago

Never believe the BS EA throw at you, instead, examine the game your self.
This whole 'same game with new teams/kits' mentality is really immature if you ask me.
I mean, what about the new game modes? What about the major updates to Pro Clubs which made it always-online and fair? Career mode got many updates which made it much more realistic. And to be fair, they can't exactly change the game TOO much, it's a Football game, what are they meant to add? A 'Be a Referee' mode?!

Squall50051895d ago

I'm excited! I hear its going to be 10% more footbally than the last Fifa game and that the grass is going to be greener than ever before. Take my £50 EA!!!

2pacalypsenow1895d ago

Im sorry but Fifa 13 was an improvement of fifa 12 at least the career mode was it was way better and i cant wait for fifa 14

gintoki7771894d ago

do people actually care about rumors for sports games? just wondering

1894d ago
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fracturedrich1895d ago

It will have online connected career mode

PygmelionHunter1895d ago

Change the crappy menus for once, and make settings stay the way you want them after saving the freaking game...

Horny1895d ago

My settings always save, that's strange. Did you create a user profile?

OcelotRigz1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

Get rid of the scripting, killed the game for me, nothing worse than when the AI decides which way the match will go, takes all the power and control from the player. Its so predictable at times, around the 80th min, my players start acting wacky and become hard to control, the opposition become faster, stronger, quicker to react, perfect passers and finisher while my team acts the exact opposite and bang they score their inevitable late goal.

The AI is also terrible.

PES for me is the better game, its smarter and a helluva lot deeper but its lacks the realism of a matchday that FIFA has. FIFA has the look and feel of a match on telly, but has shallow gameplay, PES is the opposite. Would love to play a game that gets the balance right. FIFA Evolution Soccer.

superterabyte1895d ago

Agree on the first point but pes is not the better game Its arcade like and to be quite honest changes a lot less than fifa does each year but people just forget about that.

OcelotRigz1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

Well, i was a huge PES fan back in the PES4/5/6 days. Hated the next generation iterations, although i put enough time into them. I turned to FIFA at FIFA10, i enjoyed it but never to the level i enjoyed the old PES'. Like, i can never play FIFA for a long session, it gets boring way too quickly and the gameplay, beneath all the glitz and glamour, is shallow. That said, i have enjoyed them to an extent.

Like i said, loved FIFA13 at first til the whole scripting shite became too much. I tried PES 2013 and didnt like it at all, too clunky, stiff and just down right irritating.
But with the good reviews and certain friends urging me to put some hours into it as they felt it took a while get the hang of it, i tried again. After some time i felt more and more aspects of the gameplay were popping up, the gameplay is deep and full of little nuances that makes it a solid game but not a solid game of football, if that makes sense. My initial criticisms still remain, the clunkiness and such, its like the players are made of wood, but the AI and the depth of the gameplay, flaws and all, makes it better that FIFA for me.

I completely disagree with it changing less than FIFA each year, for me PES always try something new and add new aspects every year, for better or worse (mostly worse). Whereas FIFA brags about all its "revolutionary" changes each year but really it only makes small changes here and there like the pace of the gameplay, a few new animations, quick free-kicks etc... yet the AI remains terrible, all goalies are world class, referees are terrible, no individuality, slow strong target men remain useless because of the lack of heading or decent hold-up aspects etc... all these little things that need to be fixed never get fixed, they instead add these imaginary aspects.

Anyway, i personally dont think i will see what PES6 was to the last generation, this generation. They havent been all bad, but just no great ones yet.


EA is going to be using a new engine right, so this one will suck, but next years will be awesome

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