Interview: Simon O’Brien from Evolution Studios punkandlizard

We talk to Evolution Studios Art director Simon O’Brien about MotorStorm and PS4’s DRIVECLUB…

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abzdine1861d ago

Cool interview! Looking forward to some gameplay at E3

portal_21861d ago

Yep this looks really interesting, E3 can't come soon enough..and next gen for that matter.

punkandlizard1861d ago

cheers, yeah I can't wait for this game!

Why o why1861d ago

Nice, I would of asked if there was reason porche was still ruf. I'll be grabbing this regardless. Looks very slick

portal_21861d ago

Probably to avoid licensing costs, same as GT.

J0Scorpionake1861d ago

I am very intrigued by this game, can't wait to see more info. E3 days have a very big mark in my calender :)

punkandlizard1861d ago

yeah being a big racing fan I'm dying to see more about DRIVECLUB. Looks stunning mate.