BioShock Infinite: A Second Opinion

GamingExcellence: Rosalind Lutece is arguably the best character in Bioshock Infinite. She’s certainly the only self-actualized female character. Ironically, she would be aghast at the… pardon the pun… irrational lunacy that has gripped the gaming community regarding the title that birthed her. No scientific mind would be able to accept the pseudo-intellectual sycophancy that has gripped numerous well-placed fans regarding this game. Unfortunately, I have a scientific mind.

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joab7771955d ago

That's funny...ur opinion is that a review score must mean something for another reviewer or gamer. U wanna know why a 10 doesn't mean a perfect game to anyone...there are no perfect games. No one sees a 5 or a 10 and thinks, damn, there must be absolutely nothing that any gamer in the world won't like about this. WTF!!!

My opinion is that it is as close to a ten as there has been in awhile. When I see it, I think, this is one of those rare games that comes out once in a great while that is a cut above the rest, solid in all aspects. But u would think that someone with a scientific mind would know what perfect is and isn't.