Petition For DLC To Be Free Starts: Are They Correct Or Misguided?

A petition has begun online calling for developers to stop charging for downloadable content. Is this move justified or is it misguided?

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Nitrowolf21895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

I think day one DLC stuff when it comes to map pack, or even expansion on the story, it should be free. To me, I feel shorted when they release day 1 DLC that add new maps. It splits the community up in some ways and having to put $60 down on a game with an additional $10-$15 for DLC, gah.

I'm okay with the idea of releasing DLC month later.
I think Capcom handles DLC the worse of any company though. Charging DLC for game endings my god

cyguration1895d ago

Careful, some shill might come in here and belittle you because "endings are optional" and gamers aren't "entitled" to see how a game ends, only pay to get to the start menu.

aLucidMind1895d ago

Anything Day-1 should be free.

Gun and costume packs: $1-$2.50

Map Packs: $2.50-$5

Small Mission Packs: $5

Large Mission Packs: $10

Full on Expansions: $20

That's how it should be.