Nintendo Life: Viewtiful Joe Review

Nintendo Life: Joe is nothing more than an average… well, Joe, as it were. The guy loves old movies and their cheesy melodrama, so when a malevolent hand drags him into a superhero flick, he’s absolutely pumped. This is a chance to do the impossible; to pull off his favorite actions scenes with high-flying kicks, slow-motion thrills, and fancy close-up shots. All of these powers are laid before you with just enough explanation to get started, but putting the impressive mess of over-the-top abilities to effective use is a challenge that takes the course of an entire game to master. This side-scrolling brawler is deceptively deep and riddled with punishing challenges, demanding that players face frustration with an iron will to come out on top. After ten years of life on the Nintendo GameCube, it still takes a lot of guts to don the mantle of Viewtiful Joe.

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