OUYA Nintendo Emulators available at launch?

Will the OUYA Nintendo Emulators be available at launch?
With the public release of the OUYA just over a month away there is talk and worry that the console won’t have enough launch titles. As yet the only big title we have heard about is a 3D port of Canabalt. Now whilst this is a good game, it’s not exactly a major launch title.

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Snookies121894d ago

I'd most likely get it for emulation purposes, portability, MKV video support, and for the fact that anyone can create games for it. These are big draw points for me, and it's a cheap little system. So, I might just go for it.

Hellsvacancy1893d ago

I thought about getting a Quya for the same reasons, then I learned it easier to just plug my laptop into my TV and play MKV files, or oldskool emulation games

cleft51893d ago

Exactly and you save a $100.

Snookies121893d ago

I suppose you could do that, but I use a desktop PC rig, so I can't exactly haul that around lol.

So, 100 bucks isn't exactly a bad deal for something so portable that I can put it in my pocket. I can also hook up my PC to my TV to watch MKV's or play emulators, but it's a bit of a hassle with the way my room is set up having to switch out HDMIs and all.

Muffins12231894d ago

Why dose Nintendo not do anything?

zeal0us1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Well maybe because they can't. Emulators don't break any particular law.

The law is only broken when users play roms or games in these emulators that they don't actually have.

phantomexe1893d ago

I'm beting this ends up back in court again.

Snookies121893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Why do you have disagrees? This is true. An emulator is not illegal because it's not created by the company. Just because it can allow the use of a certain system's games, doesn't make it against the law. Companies can't own how something is coded after all. It's the stealing of roms that's illegal.

MultiConsoleGamer1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )


Ouya knows emulators are not illegal but at the same time they're not above using their appeal to sell their product. Sony did something similar with the first PSP, before the piracy plague bit them on the ass and they had to rethink their strategy.

cleft51893d ago

Dude Ouya will be swimming in Piracy almost immediately. Developers will catch on to that fact real fast. The only real question is if other companies will try to hold the Ouya developers responsible for that piracy.

profgerbik1893d ago

Well one thing is for sure it is better than a Wii Mini..

Venox20081893d ago

but not better then some Wii games :) but like a console, yes maybe

hirobrotagonist1893d ago

all you have to do is sideload android emulators, they work with the controller after mapping. I played Contra 3 and a bunch of SNES games on the Ouya devkit and it worked great. My computer is plugged into my tv, but I'm still looking forward to this