Beautiful Zelda Wii U box art concept

A beautiful fan-made concept art of a possible Wii U Zelda box art.

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josephayal1924d ago

Zelda and Link are twins

Rearden1924d ago

Well that would complicate things quite a lot...

Eamon1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Enter George Lucas.

adorie1924d ago

Luke, I am your father's mother's uncle's 2nd cousin's hair stylist's pizza delivery boy's best friend's room mate.

Enter Mel Brooks.

3-4-51924d ago

Japan would accept it. lol

zalanis1924d ago

wow man i thought only i used to think that. i totally believe they're related though probably not twins

Mounce1923d ago

Maybe it's like a Bioshock Infinite-like twist of 'Twins' - I won't say more lest a provocation of spoilers comes. Those who played it know what I mean.

What if Zelda/Link were the same but 'alternate' ?

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Jadedz1924d ago

It's almost as bad as trollin' (lol).

Lord_Sloth1924d ago

Pic is from Deviantart. They have some great Shiek images there.

_QQ_1924d ago

LOZ going all MGS4 for the cover!, hopefully the real cover is nothing like this. it's cool but it doesn't fit LOZ imo.

HalfNerdHalfAmazing1924d ago

I'm hoping they make Zelda look more sexy in the Wii u Version if samus can be sexy why can't Zelda be sexy too

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