GT Prologue Pre-orders Reach One Million

Geekpulp talks to Sony about the sales figures for GT Prologue and whether they thought the online version would outsell the hard copy on Blu-Ray Disc. They expressed their surprise at the popularity of War Hawk as downloadable software and said that they anticipated GT to receive an even warmer welcome when it comes out later this month.

Also mentioned in the conversation was that the pre-order figures for the SCEE regions show orders already at one million. Making the PS3's first pre release Platinum title.

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Bill Gates3417d ago

Mine was the first pre-order. I know this because I know this...........AHAHAHAHHHAHHAH A

Shiet > Forza 2..........AHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAH A

spandexxking3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

bill you crazy cat. you make me laugh!

skynidas3417d ago

WOW...and this is the Prologue

sonarus3417d ago

Not to mention the straight to hard drive downloads.
GT5 is the most underrated ps3 system seller there is

tidus0073417d ago

in EUROPE alone

It will sell over 800k on LAUNCH DAY in USA

In terms of lifetime sales GT5P will easily sell over 5 m/6m

GT5 --the full game will do between 12m - 15m worldwide

CrazzyMan3417d ago

ps3 owners Do buy games, BUT only BEST. =)

p.s. need to get 5th bubble back, thnx. =)

sonarus3417d ago

The beauty in polyphony is these guys don't even compete with anybody. They are in a complete league of their own because no one has enjoyed the success they have achieved.

While games like KZ2 go using CGI for target so as to set the bar high, polyphony just open their window and look outside for their target. Just open their window and look outside and get to work.

cmrbe3417d ago

Thats why i laugh when people compare Froza or PGR to GT. GT indeed is in a league of its own.

Sevir043417d ago

"While games like KZ2 go using CGI for target so as to set the bar high, polyphony just open their window and look outside for their target. Just open their window and look outside and get to work."

"Just open their window and look outside and get to work."

Dude that about sums it up for polyphony, They are real masters of what they do. and GT5P is just an "overpriced rip off demo" if you listen to xbox fankids... lol!!! when a Demo can sell 1 million alone in japan, and then do the same thing in another region twice then talk... ^^

Go polyphony

masterg3417d ago


To be honest I havent really though of GT5P as a system seller. I used to, but with the lineup this year I simply forgot all about it.

But you are right. This is probably in the top 5 of system sellers this year.

1. MSG4
2. GTA4
3. GT5P
4. KZ2
5. LBP
6. RFoM2

If final fantasy comes out in 08 it might be the biggest one of them all.

gaffyh3417d ago

@cmrbe - yeah I recently got PGR4 and the graphics are laughable compared to Gran Turismo, it is at best on par with GT3's graphics. Although it still is a good game, GT will always and has always been the best driving simulator. Can't wait till this comes out in UK, hopefully they add some extra content for making us wait longest.

Time Lord3417d ago

TO BE OWNED!! and overlapped by my sexy F40.

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Spike473417d ago

how this game sells so much and it's just a racing demo/prequel of gran turismo 5.

jwatt3417d ago

You have to look at the content your getting in the game, which is alot.

EZCheez3417d ago

Has anyone deciphered the real online modes for this game? I got an email from Sony and it says:

"Online racing fans can join in on a new set of scheduled events and time trials."

What the hell does scheduled events mean? Are we going to actually be able to race each other? If we can't it's going to break my heart.

sonarus3417d ago

i heard there are weekly racing events. Sort of like tournaments.

AlterEgo3417d ago

yea, supposedly they're going to host online tournaments...

that may be what they're talking about

EZCheez3417d ago

I just want to make sure that we can race each other on the track at the same time. From what I remember, that wasn't readily available for the Japanese release.

sonarus3417d ago

yea we can race each other. In fact a couple of us n4g users are trying to start up an online racing league for the game.

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sonarus3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

Anyone expect anything less? We are talking about a franchise that easily sells 7million copies per game. I will Laugh Out Loud like never before if prologue outsells forza. A game dubbed by most as a DEMO.

This game is going to be huge all over the world. 5 series later is there any game that will ever dethrone GT. Many have tried but all have fallen short of its glory